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Hon. Tomaino attacks Hon. Wallang at parliament

Yde- Cameroon: What CRTV will not show you.

Hon. Tomaino

Hon. Wallang

Hon. Tomaino Ndam Njoya of CDU and wife of Adamu Ndam Njoya, MP from the Noun Division attacks the CPDM Hon. Wallang Richard MP for Menchum Division by shooting him on the head with her shoe and sustaining a serious injury.
This Iron Lady could no longer hold it that Hon. Wallang, an Anglophone at that matter was the one blocking the discussions on the Anglophone problem each time it was mentioned in the house.

Throwing of object at parliament

These are the elites that need to eliminated and stopped from representing the people since they only represent their stomachs. CRTV will not show this simply because Anglophones are not part of la Rep parliament and therefore not an issue for them and la Rep.

Comments and reactions from readers on fb group. We shall update more useful comments  as they comment.

Ngong Emmanuel Ngah Wum people are a disgrace. How can u allow such a stupid man to represent u!

Jonathan Ngwa I personally think its also time to emphatically tell the SDF MPS for the last time that its time now to come home or we treat them like th home enemies within us.

Divine Ndango I really don’t know how people used the word elite this days. So anyone who cheated in election and become a parliamentarian is an elite. Even most fons in North West are not elite. I know some fons who are fons with the help of Achidi Achu who manipulated their father,s wills to make sure he put a cpdm puppet. Elites must be those who command respect in their areas and not those who supposed to be in jail for fraud.

Praise Faith That man should be exiled from Menchum. We thank the lady who expresses her frustration by shooting the idiot with her shoe.

Delphine Mbong It would teach them if they don’t have impt things to say to stay quite.

Enow Enow Essim She would have blinded him instead or even one of his eyes.

Franz Fritz Ntoko III . How I wished you ladies were this many to change the status quo of the Cameroon Old age Parliament

Marbi Marbi What was he doing in this parliament they are killing the people he claims to represent are dying everyday good for him

Ngu Gilbert Tambi He’ll learn to keep quiet the next time that matter will comes up.

Joe Beso  I’m waiting for CRTV Press Hour. see if Joe will make mention about it

Diymbah Rones How I wish I can see her to congratulate her for a Job well done

sifo Rogga Well done iron lady!

Remihans Bongyu I don’t think anglophone problem has to be discussed in the House of assembly 

Wan Tanley The lady has done a very nice job. Go go ahead

Tantiyuy Benedict That is just tip of the iceberg. The fools of cpdm

Lovertte Nsaidzedze That is the beginning of his problems, he still has to face the home front.
Severine Akumu No peace for the wickets

Bariki Bariki He should be banished from his village

Alain Michel Manga Le Cameroun va mal

Tayang Leonard For me I see no reason for him to be refusing that it should not be discussed.

Vincent Asachu See how a woman can do what 1000 men can’t do.

Marbi Marbi The devil who lives under the bed is exposed he got his match thank you lady he should be taken care of

Bongcho Kisitu It’s like this man us already eaten up in their occultic group. He does not look normal. His own blood is even like spoiled palm oil. That is not the human blood. He knows where he has put himself.

Mouhyiyoud-dinn Mounir Le Cameroun ira bi1 après
Okah Julie No peace for the wicked

Scandy Media News

Shufai Blaise Sevidzem mercilessly tortured

According to Margaret Ndifor resident in Germany, Blaise Sevidzem Berinyuy Esq, “Fon-nteh (Shufai) Wo Baforchu “has been beaten to near death by the colonial forces of La republique.

Shufai is a traditional title in Nso compared to a second class chief and any man in position of this title demands maximum respect. Shufai Blaise serves as “Human Rights Advocate, Solicitor and Notary Public) Taku Chambers” in the South West region. He hails from the North West region in the Nso kingdom but got his title of shufai as Fon-Nteh from the Baforchu Fondom

Shufai was one of those who wrote communiques and spread the news of the lawyers strike when it was initiated and started. He remained steadfast and committed to this struggle and never afraid to share his views on the handling of the Anglophone crisis which has extended to other unions. He speaks for the voiceless and fearless man with good religious background always committed to the truth.

His attack and eventual beatings and arrest has not come as a surprise to many who knew him as a human right activist and a freedom fighter. At the moment, knowledge of his whereabout is unknown. A peace loving man being tortured for a just cause…

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

Assistant SDO for Wouri Bans the SDF Demonstration

The SDO for Wouri has responded to the SDF MP for Wouri East rejecting his request for a demonstration and a rally to brief the public on Federalism and National untiy.

In a letter dated 22nd February 2017 signed by Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu, SDF MP for Wouri East informing the authorities of his Division of a peaceful march in the division to sensitize the public on the issue of Federalism and National Unity precisely in Bepanda. This is to take place on the 4th of March 2017.

In Cameroon, most responses to events are never received within a short period of time, but considering the sensitivity of the the Theme, the Assistant SDO for Wouri responded in less than 48 hrs with a No reply, banning the said Rally/Manifestation.

The million dollar question is; since Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu was merely informing the authorities citing the law that gives them the right to do so, shall the no nonsense MP of SDF go ahead to hold is rally despite the Ban or bow to the ban? Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu is known for his love for the people and out-spoken nature especially in 2012 when he attacked the president of the country on his immunity. He is also referred to as “A man of the people for revolution”

pic credit Amabo's blog

pic credit Amabo’s blog

some schools of thought hold that, the reason of banning the above mentioned strike is due to the Anglophone struggle that might get the Francophone involved and this might make things worse for the Government as the involvement of other regions will directly lead to National crisis.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

Bishops, Priests and Rev Sisters at the Central Mosque in Kumbo

By Sr. Priscilla Yein Wulaiwimia

Bishops,Priets & Religious at the Mosque

Bishops,Priets & Religious at the Mosque

“We must go beyond all barriers”, Bishop Dennis Kofi Agbenyadzi SMA, of the Diocese of Berberati , Central African Republic, told our Muslim brothers at the Kumbo Central Mosque on Friday 18 March, 2014. The young, zealous and dynamic prelate, who is barely two years a Bishop, stands tall in the heart of the crisis in Central Africa. He has been described by many as an icon of peace, unity and reconciliation. The main objective of his visit to Kumbo was to reciprocate the solidarity of the Catholic Church and the people of Kumbo towards Central African Republic (CAR) during the crisis.

Coincidentally, he arrived Kumbo on the day the Muslim Community had planned to handover their own quota for support of CAR refugees to the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis (TSSF). He grasped the opportunity and went to commune with the Muslims, accompanied by Mgr. George Nkuo, the Bishop of Kumbo, Fr. Joe Lukong, the Canon of Kumbo Cathedral and a host of Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis. During his sermon, the Imam called for forgiveness, love, peace and acceptance of other religions.

Mgr. Dennis, the Courageous missionary, whose driver is a Muslim, refutes the claim that the CAR Crisis is a religious war as presented by the International media. He asserts that those causing all the atrocities cannot tell you why they are fighting when the rebels had long gone. The youth who are mostly school dropouts are just being politically manipulated to use the situation for looting. “If that were the case, I would not have hosted over 4,000 Muslims in my house”, declares the Bishop.

From his radiating joyful and determinant countenance, it is evident that Mgr. Dennis has given the crisis in the CAR, a pastoral dimension by looking to the future with ardent hope. He admonished the Christians of Tobin Parish in the following words, “in the chaos of life, God brings new things. So, never give up, live the present moment, try to go beyond the physical and see the image of God in his creatures. Above all, never allow yourselves to be manipulated because once war begins, it is hard to end”. It is no doubt that he sees the Muslim children born in his compound and named ‘Monsignor’ as a sign of life.

He expressed deep appreciation to the people of Kumbo and elsewhere for the prayers and generosity demonstrated towards CAR. He added that we never know we need other until we find ourselves in situations like the one currently experienced in CAR. Bishop George confirmed it by underlining that, the gesture was only the beginning of greater collaboration. The Grand Imam simply declared that this collaboration was long overdue and saw the coming together as a positive outcome of the war. Finally, Bishop Dennis, thanked and encouraged the Media in Kumbo for their hard work and sincerity.

He left Kumbo with fond memories of a hospitable people. Above all, he cherished the blessings of the mother of Cardinal Tumi’s who referred to him as ‘baby bishop’. He went along with part of the second consignment of gifts and food items donated. He invites all to continue to pray for CAR and also to endeavor to visit them in future.

More Pictures here:

Sr. Priscilla Yein Wulaiwimia

P.O Box 8, Kumbo

Bui Division

North West Region