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Bloody Day in Kumbo leaving 7 lives wasted

Berlem- Kumbo Bui County

Seven civilians shot and killed by La Rep colonial forces forces today in Berlem an outskirts of Kumbo towards Mbiame.

These 7 Motorbike riders were on their way from a village known as Mbam through Dzeng in the Nkum Sub County on a condolence visit to a family member that lost the brother.

La Rep military connived with the Mbororos of Berlem who of late had been in conflict with the ‘Amba Boys’ (name given to the Southern Cameroons or Ambazonian self defense forces) and attacked the boys shooting them one after another. They took from one Mbororo what is known as ‘Odeshi’ a certain local necklace, bangle or chain claimed to have supernatural powers sometimes made with cowries and a red piece of cloth and tied in the neck, waist or hand as protection against the enemy and used on each of the boys before killing them to portray as ‘Amba Boys’.  The same ‘Odeshi’ was used on each of the boys before being shot as you can see from the Images. These civilians were unarmed, yet they chose to waste their lives.

Photo credit Doh Emmanuel Sama:

When they realised their blunder that “Amba Boys” would move with weapons to defend themselves and these civilians were unarmed, they brought our their cartridges (bullets) and took pictures of them as using their own guns would betray them the more.

One will wonder why the Mbororos would connive with the La Rep military to massacre innocent civilians, but the action is linked to a tension and misunderstanding that occurred few  days ago when SCs Restoration forces attempted to arrest one Mbororo armed robber who was also referred to as a traitor, (acting as an informant to the military against the Amba boys) who narrowly escaped. His name we got as Issa later escaped from Berlem to Takui when the arrest failed, due to the assistance of other Mbororos who resisted the arrest.

In the confrontation, one Mbororo lost his life. The Mbororos as it is rumored hinted their leader Mallam Ndawara Dan Pullo, an influential and rich man in the regime who reacted and ordered for the military to attack the population. The military arrived Dzeng the next village after Berlem towards Mbiame, shot and killed one civilian, took away properties and burnt down houses and shops.

Yesterday two military trucks mixed with Mbororos left Kumbo for the same crisis area which has angered the population following a series of harassment left and right. This has provoked the “Amba boys” who have sworn to avenge the death of the innocent civilians.  By the time of our contact with our informant, we learnt a fierce battle was taking place between the Mbororos and the “Amba boys”.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

Pa Nkongmi Christopher passes into eternity

Pa Gate Man No more.

The passing into eternity of Pa Nkongmi Christopher who served GBHS Kumbo for 26 years remains a shock to all. Pa Was decorated 26th December 2014 by Ex students of GBHS Kumbo, an award sponsored by Rev Ngamsha Nguruh Biakai and Dr Kiwoh Terrence respectively.

The SDO for Bui personally carried out the honor and asked the Ex students to recommend Pa for his services to merit decoration from the state. This was expected to take place during the 40th anniversary scheduled for Dec this year.

Pa has been sick for a while but this kind of news was not expected. He died this morning around 10 am. He hails from the Great Ndzeendzev Family/compound. Funeral arrangements and details are still on the way.
All the ext students that passed through his hands know his worth, appreciate and miss him from the comments made when his pictures were made online from his decoration. Pa Shall be missed. We hope that the ex students and teachers can give this man a befitting farewell he deserves.

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The Nso History: Origin of Nso Dynasty

Tikar History



Dr. John Q. Williams received information from the Tikar ethnic group members of Cameroon about their history and decided to come up with the history of the Tikar people. This writing has been based both on Oral and documented history of the Tikar people. History holds that the Tikar people originated in present-day Sudan. It is believed that when they inhabited Sudan, they lived adjacent to two groups.

“The first group comprised of iron-makers/blacksmiths and carpenters in the Meroe Kingdom; this group (ancestors of the Mende people) later left the Sudan and moved west towards Lake Chad. They eventually traveled to the Mali Empire, and along with the town Fulani and Mande, founded the Kingdom of Mani. The second group – ancestors of the Fulani – arrived in the Sudan from Egypt and Ethiopia. These cattle and goat herders moved west to Lake Chad near present-day Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria before traveling across West Africa. It is is believed that when the ancestors of the Tikar were in the Sudan, they lived along the Nile River. There, they developed their cattle grazing, iron-making, horse riding, and fighting skills.” (Melvin J. Collier; 2007)

He goes further to state that it was then that, “the ancestors of the Tikar moved from the Sudan to the Adamawa Northern Region of present-day Cameroon. They settled in a village they named Ngambe (present-day Bankim District) where they intermarried with selected grassland farmers and animal herders of other groups.”

Below is a picture of the late chief of Ngambe. Ngambe is one of the Tikar villages.

Around his neck is an ivory collar made of elephant tusks. He carries it only once per year, during the time of the festival called “Sweety”. It is a traditional Tikar festival during which one calls upon the spirits of the ancestors and asks them to bless the community.

(Melvin J. Collier 2007) It was due to this mixing with selected grassland residents that, “a powerful chief and eventually king came to power. With the skills brought from the Sudan, the Tikar king was able to rule most of northern and central Cameroon. After the death of the king, his oldest son inherited the throne.” (Melvin J. Collier) It was from here that perhaps our powerful son of the soil Banboye Willaim continued the story which inspired him to to write about the Nso History. It should be noted that the King’s second son , Share-Yen (Will be spelt differently subsequently), and his followers moved to present-day Mfounbam district and started the Mbamound (Bamoum) Clan. Ngouo-Nso, a sister, and her followers moved to present-day Koumbo (Kumbo) District and created the Koumbo (Kumbo) Clan in the present-day state of Mbanso (Banso- Nso) near Mbamenda (Bamenda). The youngest brother moved further south and created the Mbafia (Bafia) Clan in the present-day Mbam state. Note should be taken in the constant use of “M” in the naming of the three clans.

The Nso History: Origin of Nso Dynasty

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Dr Lola Perpetua Kamanyang speaks for MBIDECULA

By Dr Lola  Perpetua Kamanyang

Dear Wirfon,

Barely three weeks ago His Royal Highness the Fon of Mbiame together with NSODA and Mbiame Development and Cultural Association (MBIDECULA), solicited your assistance through “Kpu Ye Wiyi” Fundraiser to expedite the completion of the ongoing Mbiame Palace Construction Project.


NSODA was the early bird in propagating the policy of solidarity and particularly that of “inclusion”. It took you no time to respond to NSODA’s move whose agenda was to get rid of disruptive sentiments (that had almost reduce us to shreds) by getting everybody from everywhere to constitute a cluster and work together to promote unity, the surest way to development. Yes, it did not take long for this call to be answered by NSOBATI, Kifu Ke Samba ke Douala, Kife Ke Samba ke Yaounde, Dui Won Ve Mbiame Douala Logbessou, Development Associations under NSODA, Mbiame Women’s Network, MBIDECULA Regional branches, freinds, individuals, and others whose names we are still trying to trace.

Your generous contributions came in both cash and kind and will enable MBIDECULA to take further strides in the already engaged palace project which, for a long time, had remained in a state of infancy due to lack of funds.Your interventions in the just ended “Kpu Ye Wiyi” took many forms and need to be acknowledged.

 Our immense thanks go first, to NSODA President, Nformi Stephen Ndzerem whose intervention took the form of first, transforming both his Private Residence and his Office into a classroom where MBIDECULA EXCO received lessons the classroom does not provide on how best to plan “Kpu Ye Wiyi” giving emphasis to underemphasized aspects and emblems of our Tradition and Culture that constitute the uniqueness of our identity. Such lessons, we perceived, was an invitation to lovers of culture to use Cultural Commemorations as forums to excavate sites of heritage fossilized in oral traditions but which are on the brink of extinction. We might not have covered the distance foregrounded in our planning meetings in terms of execution but we learned a lot on how best to improve “Kpu Ye Wiyi” through the introduction of certain aspects of our culture that modernism appears to shroud.

It should be mentioned that the powerful delegation NSODA sent to Mbiame constituted development and culture oriented baobab like Nformi Stephen Ndzerem, whose appearance on the scene of development appears to be unrivalled at least in Cameroon. He was flanked or well fenced on all sides by the able Billiet Ndzerem, Mrs. Angelina Sendze, our own version of Hilary Clinton, Mrs Margaret Kinga, our Angella Merkel image of a woman, including light bearers like Mr. Bulami Edward, Shey Pius Lukong, Mr Suika Victor, Tata Gilbert Baminjo, Shey Ivo Yenika, Tangwa Laurence, Verdzeka Emmanuel, Free Abel Kighe and Njodzeven Vemansius.

What constituted the uniqueness of the event was the presence of a powerful delegation from Ndop led by the Manager of UNVDA Ndop, Shey Chin Richard whose omnipresence on the platform of development needs not be overemphasized.

We feel proud to draw attention to the fact that Mbiame was equally host to blooming and esteemed delegations from Yaounde, Douala, Foumbot, Limbe, Kumba, Buea, Bamenda, Baffoussam, Bui, etc etc etc.


In response to the massive sensitization of our groups on the need to support “KPU YE Wiyi”, those who make things happen stormed Mbiame as groups, friends and individuals to make things happen through their massive material and financial support. For almost one week, Mbiame was brimming with life. For almost one week, Mbiame knew no difference between night and daylight. For almost one week, Mbiame was swarming with people of goodwill. We view your presence in Mbiame and your massive support as evidence of NSODA’s policy of “inclusion”, a policy NSODA President likens, in his speech during “Kpu Ye Wiyi” to a mended calabash; a policy the Lord Mayor of Mbiame mentioned in his speech during the fundraising event NSOBATI- MBIDECULA fundraising event in Bamenda to a “train that takes all on board”.  

Mbiame fon

Mbiame fon

As a father who knows the fruits of solidarity and love, His Royal Highness The Fon of Nkar, together with another powerful delegation, made his triumphant entry into Mbiame, an experience analogous only to Christs’s entry into Jerusalem. While in Mbiame Palace, the custodian of Tradition visited the Ngiri and Mwerong societies and like others goes into records for contributing to making it happen in Mbiame.

His Royal Highness, the Fon of Atarh equally stormed Mbiame with as yet another powerful delegation to pay tribute to our culture and deserves our heartfelt gratitude.

The physical absence of other Fons was not felt as “They” were represented.

When we consider the kilometers and sacrifices all of you made to be in Mbiame, we cannot but express our gratitude to you as well as commend you as those who think about what is happening today and what will happen tomorrow.


The fruits Mbiame people stand to reap from your presence in Mbiame is a huge lesson that there is strength, hope and optimism in inclusion, in collective solidarity, and thus a possibility for love, unity and development. It is a lesson that the paralysing mentalities that have no other agenda than encourage divide can be stamped out if we put to practice NSODA’s vision of inclusion.

Your presence in Mbiame to show your solidarity with the Mbiame people is a commendable effort and a sure way to positive transformations of our communities. The Mbiame experience is surely a lesson that if team spirit is out of our agenda, we will announce the funeral of solidarity. That would also mean depriving ourselves of communal life which is the surest path to unity and development. It is a lesson that if we work collectively, we can stamp out divisive tendencies, facilitate solidarity and create a platform to reinforce our sense of collective responsibility.

 From the President of MBIDECULA (Dr. Lola Nkamanyang) in collaboration with the Lord Mayor of Mbiame Council (Fonyuy Fidelis Bernsah)

Dr. Pepertua K. Nkamanyang Lola
Senior Lecturer
Head of Service for Extra-African Cooperation
The University of Bamenda
P. O. Box 39, Bambili
North West Region
E Mail: lolaperps@yahoo.com
Tel. 96 76 59 32/ 79 66 69 00

Ghanaian Davis Yeboah laid to Rest

Africans from all over Copenhagen assembled today at the the Kirkebakken alle Vallensbæk to give Davis Yeboah a befitting Burial which he truely deserved. By Shey Tatah

Funeral of Yeboah

Funeral of Yeboah

Born in May 1965 in Ghana, Yeboah moved to Denmark in 1989 to face new challenges, amongst which was getting married to a lovely woman Salimatu (Sally) Yeboah from Sierra Leone. They met in 1994 and got married a year later. Davis has 4 kids, and two with the widow he just left to eternity. Davis has been a hard working and devoted citizen and christian at the same time. A role the pastor said could only come from a Good person of his calibre quoting the present cite of his Ministry in Vanløse as searched a suggested by Him. The crowd that filled the church inspired the pastor to express the joy Davis will carry along with him which is a sign of Love the people had for him. This of one of the rare events that could pull such a crowd as it was on a working day Friday, a sad one and more so in the outskirt of Copenhagen, yet the amazing people flocked the church premises.   After the Rites, few speeches were made, amongst which was a tribute from the family that gave the biography of the deceased. The most powerful and touchching was a word from the wife, who promised to remained strong for the husband because she believed God loved him most. She promised to take good care of their kids and to fight a good fight he fought for the survival of the family than spend time mourning. She said she was a Ghanaian and shall remain as such. Davis was the best and wonderful husband God could ever give to her. A word of thanks came from the family representative who assured others that the final funeral day for Davis shall be organized on the 7th June and that invitations were going to be sent out with the venue confirmed. Reception followed immediately at the Church’s Hall while the condolence visits continued at the family compound in Valensbæk. Here are some pictures though affected by the reflection.

By Shey Tatah Sevidzem