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G(B)HS Kumbo Ex students workshop & Gala Dec 2014

The Ex students & students of G(B)HS Kumbo shall be meeting this Decemeber either on the 26th of Dec or the 30th of Dec. During this day a short workshop and general meeting to plan for the 40th anniversary in 2016 shall take place. In The evening a Gala party shall be organized to raise funds to assist in changing the phase of the school amongst the numerous projects shortlisted by the PTA President Mr Leo and the Discipline master Mr Ndzelen and the Principal Mr Ndzelen.T respectively.

That same Night during the Gala, Pa Christopher the all time gateman shall be decorated by the Ex students as he goes on retirement. A similar exercise shall be accorded one of the longest serving Matchs teacher and Discipline Master Mr Ndzelen, who retires as well in December.

In a documentary by Shey Tatah during his visit to the school, both the principal and the Discipline master expressed the joy of knowing that ex students appreciate the work done during their studies and are willing to assist improve on the nature of the school.

The Principal on his part enumerated the achievements recorded so far both in the academic and other reaceational activities, stating that these successes are the reason for the influx of students into GBHS kumbo despite the availability of others schools around.


Likewsie the principle, the Discipline master Mr Ndzelen who expects to retire in December took the pains round the campus to express the urgent need for improvement and change. Amongst the alarming issues, were the classrooms meant to host 40 to 50 students being broken in order to accommodate the demand or more than 80 students per class. This is attributed to lack sufficient staff there by making the work difficult for the teachers.


Lack of infrastructure has caused vice principals and discipline masters to share same offices. The dilapidated buildings do not speak well of the school as windows and doors are broken affectinng the health of the students.

A school, now bilingual is hosting close to 3000 students and this has affected especially the High school arts students as most of the halls have to be broken and combined to one to give them the chance to attend lectures. Unfortunately for them the halls are too large that the teachers can not be heard at the back of the class. This according to Mr Ndzelen calls for a wireless microhone and speakers to enable the students attend to lectures. It is not very common to have a hall hosting close to 250 students per class in especially lower sixth arts.

Other alarming issues were the science laboratory that has shortage of facilities as other students from the government schools around have to vist the school regularly for their practicals. The school computer lab according to the PTA president has only 40 outdated PCs for 3000 students. There is the shortage of water supply to these students and also an abandoned computer lab building that was aimed at training the kids digitally.

Outside the main campus is a small campus for forms 1 & 2. Though newly constructed, other challenges like the security of the kids is still unguaranteed. The multimedia department situated at this campus for the teachers is often occupied by teachers from other instutitions as it is meant for the whole of Bui.

The administrative building looks unchanged especially the secretariat except for the principal’s offices that had some few renovations. This all is attributed to lack of sufficient funds. Not even a single computer can be traced in the secretariat at this modern era.


The documentation was recorded and has been uploaded into youtube for those who have time to watch.


Shey Tatah Sevidzem