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Bishop Andrew Nkea spends New Year with the Refugees

Mamfe- South West Cameroon:

Thank you Lord!! From Bishop Andrew of Mamfe Diocese

I just returned to Mamfe after spending 31 December and new year’s day visiting a great part of the flock of the diocese of Mamfe who are refugees in various places in Nigeria. I stopped in Nashua and Emana to see them and bring some supplies for New Year. Some of their stories are pathetic and the conditions under which they live is appalling. They are scattered all over the place and sleeping on verandas and open space like people without a Homeland. It was a great joy for shepherd and flock to be united again and the happiness of our visit almost moved us to tears.

The same was true of the remnant of people in an almost deserted Akwaya town. New year day was full of dancing and rejoicing. We had prayed for peace during the Mass and we all walked into 2018 full of hope. Hope for a more peaceful and just society and hope that our displaced brothers and sisters return soonest to their homes and feel again like human beings and citizens of this country.

Shey Tatah

Can Wirnso Gives Back attend to All Patients?

The Wirnso Gives Back project 2015 ends today with the fear that not all patients might be attended to.


As the final day approached, the number of people flocking for WGB services are swelling by the days and yesterday was was one of the busiest.
Despite our efforts to reduce waiting times and improve user experience, the service has been operating “a day late” (with the service users being attended to a day after they turned), in other words all the people that were seen yesterday the 29th were those who registered in the early morning hours of the 28th as those seen on the 28th had turned up in the early morning hours of the 27th.

More than 400 people  turned up monday to register for Tuesday the 29th but numbers were given out only to the first 300 people we expected to handle.
Because of cost constraints, the Cervical cancer screening service was closed yesterday leaving hundreds of women deeply disappointed. The doors were however finally opened for the Eyes Clinic!

While hundreds of people have been waiting to register from as early as 4:30am this morning, we’ll only be able to see about 300 people who registered yesterday morning as our limitations in the areas of cost and human capacity are becoming more and more visible!
Will another group step in to support Banin-uk in this endeavour?

Bongaman E Lukong

Kumbo receives La Crosse-USA Delegation


KUMBO town today had its water tanker watering the road this afternoon to welcome a delegation from USA .

The Delegation from the City of La Crosse Winconsin-USA finally arrived Kumbo as expected.

About 6.30 this evening, the delegation from the City of La Crosse Winconsin-USA were received at the Kumbo Squares round about . They were received and greeted by The SDO for Bui Mr Nzeki Theophile, The Mayor of Kumbo Council Mr Njong Donatus Fonyuy, The Nsoda Vice President and Councillor for Kumbo Shey Lukong Pius Banye and other dignatories.

The delegation after a brief stop at squares (reception) welcomed by close to 250 people including the council Band left for Shisong where they shall have dinner with the Rev. sisters and sleep at the Shisong guest house.

Tuesday, they shall pay a Courtesy visit to authorities, SDO and the Bishop where lunch shall take place at the SDO’s residence, then visit the hospitals; BBH, Kumbo Public Library, Cardiac Centre and Shisong General Hospital.

Wednesday, the following schools shall be visited in the morning period;
– GS Njavnyuy

– GTHS Kumbo

– PS Mbveh

– Islamic High School

– St. Augustine’s College.

In the afternoon, they shall visit the KWA Water Catchment and Treatment Station then Dinner at our Great Fomo 92 Hotel then a cultural evening at the Kumbo Parish Hall.

Thursday Kumbo-La Crosse city meeting at the council Hall, then Visit to the Kumbo Mutual Health Cooperative, Catholic, School Tobin New layout and Lunch at Mayor’s Residence. The afternoon will be free of official activities ie Relaxation until 9pm when they have fireworks and Welcoming the New Year 2016.

Friday which is New year day seems again another relax day for them. Thanksgiving Mass at the Catholic Mission in Tobin, New year Lunch at the Kumbo City Hall and dinner with the Rev Sisters at Shisong.

Saturday our craftsmen shall benefit from the visis after the trip to the Banque Atlantique, Kimbo Police Credit Union & Kumbo Main Market then Crafts Centres of Shey Lukong Louis Yuyar, Pa Yundze Titus Le Paysan and Mus’Art Gallery. Lunch will be at the 2nd deputy’s residence in Mbuluf while Dinner takes place at Njavnyuy chez at the Member of Parliament.

Sunday, Holy Mass the the Kumbo Cathedral, Visit to Tadu Dairy Factory, Kumbo Horse Race at the municipal stadium,

Monday 4th, take off for Bamenda and Courtesy Call at the Governor and S.D.F National Chairman. They leave Cameroon the 5th of January 2016.

Looking at the program, one may state that the Council and the Catholic Church must have either worked together or played a major role for this visit as some churches, the palace and other political parties are left out completely. We should also note that the SDO and the Mayors of Kumbo last year visited this same city in USA. We hope that these exchanges can bring out developmental projects to our Kingdom.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem ( Wo Scandy)

Wirnso Gives Back Initiative Dec 2015

Wirnso Gives Back

Wirnso Gives Back project at the Nso Palace.

The annual health screening project sponsored by Banin UK and coordinated by Bongaman Edwin Lukong kick started Saturday 26/12/2015 at the Nso palace early that morning as the indigenes stormed the palace to have themselves checked free of charge thanks to the donors from Banin Uk and volunteers all over the country that sacrifice to make Nso a healthy Kingdom to live…

A final planning meeting took place on the 25th Dec 2015 in Kumbo facilitated by the Coordinator Bongaman to ensure all was in place…

The initiative was launched as instructions were given to the hundreds of people that appeared to collect numbers on how to be attended to. These people shall be screened from all forms of diseases, cancer, diabetes, Hiv AIDS, etc and advice given on how to handle these issues with references.

Worth mentioning that some benefactors from the UK shall also be at home to witness and assist in one form or another, on the ground we have Theiry Kuwan , the family of Rev. Ngamsha Nguruh Biakai and a host of others.

Here are some of the images of day one screening.

The consultation phase saturday afternoon at the Nso palace for the Wirnso Gives Back Initiative sponsored by Banin UK, Coordinated and implemented by Bongaman wo Wan Lukong, gave the patients room for private consultations after a morning general instructions.


Day Two of Wirnso Gives Back Initiative:

Yesterday the Initiative had more than 500 patients that was reduced to 250 to avoid longer waiting time. Today the 250 were allowed to come asking the last 100 to come after lunch, many did not see reasons for this cut as waiting means nothing to them but for the facilitators it gives them room to work without pressure:

All the outreach sections (except the eye clinic that opens on Tuesday) were operational yesterday. They succeeded in bringing a Cervical cancer screening team from Bamenda at the last hour and they screened more than 100 women yesterday.They had a total of 43 volunteers yesterday

Emmanuem Dzernjo all the way from the UK my classmate and youth mate for years was programmed to facilitate volunteers training on Mental Health from 7:30 am to 9am.
Consultations start at 9am and ends at 4pm but it was stretched to 5pm yesterday because some of the volunteers left a little bit early as it was still “Christmas” and there were still lots of celebrations around the place. This report is also in collaboration with the project coordinator Bongaman Lukong and one of the volunteers from the UK Nsoyuni Marie Claire
Wishing you all a nice Sunday



We remain grateful to those who contribute positively in many ways to make Nso a better kingdom to live in.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Wo Scandy)