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4 year old girl murdered by President Biya’s forces in Kumbo

Romajai – Kumbo 03-03-20: A 4 year old girl has been targeted, shot and killed this evening about 5 pm local time at the Romajai – St. Augustine’s Junction using the most deadly weapon AK.

The family members that spoke to Scandy media narrated the painful massacre that the child was out playing when the Military positioned at the Kumbo water tank suddenly opened fire ? without any provocation and shot directly at the girl child who is barely 4:

Neighbors whom we spoke with confirmed the murder stating that it is a normal routine that the military that took over the water tank for 3 years now starving the population of Kumbo for portable water to shoot indiscriminately and sometimes they bring down as many trees as possible : They went ahead to narrate that these military men always on drugs and out of fear fire to scare the population to go out and loot after burning down the market and forced traders around the vicinity to close down due to bankruptcy.
The whole quarter is both in panic and tears asking why the Colonial SDO a son of the soul should be the one giving command to these military to massacre their own people :

The child belonging to one Goddy who once worked at the same park that has been closed is now being laid to rest : What a great loss as the helpless people are asking if there exist anything as International Community and why they will let president Paul Biya to massacre children and women at will and go free .
We extend our heartfelt condolences to Mr. Goddy and the entire family while hoping that the killers gave immediate justice :

Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Scandy Media)

At least 4 civilians killed in Bui again by Biya’s military regime

Siminkov- Oku Bui County 24-02-20: The genocide continues in Bui as Cameroon ?? military forces invaded Simonkov a village sharing boundary with Oku and Kumbo in Bui county as early as 4 am with the help of “ Deflected or Atanga Nji boys” also known as vigilante groups:

The civilians in their sleep heard a series of gunshots as early as 4 am only to wake up to see at least 3 homes razed down by Biya military sent to wipe out Southern Cameroonians:

As if that was not enough, civilians trying to escape were shot at close range killing at least 4 on the spot. The Bui warriors ( the civilian defense) mobilized and came to the rescue losing one of theirs the newly appointed commander.
This barbarism comes less than 2 weeks following the massacre in Ngarbuh which the world is yet to recover from. The civilians keep asking when the International shall intervene and take serious actions against Biya Regime.
The civilians despite the painful tragedy are grateful to the Bui warriors for coming to their rescue otherwise it would have been worse than Ngarbuh.

Scandy media correspondent