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Abdul Karim the Ambazonian Muslim scholar spoke on his abduction and Swiss talks with Chris Anu on ABC TV

This guy Abdul Karim is a brain: He gives hope to the hopeless : He took time to explain and open up about his arrest and the role diplomacy played for his release:

On the Swiss talks, he respected those that criticize the Swiss talks but says we should do so from a point of intellect not just words: Says the Swiss are just taking up a process that is up to us:
Says they are having talks with Swiss in a bid to end up with negotiations: They are not there to negotiate:
Next will be mediation and then negotiations : He used the dictionary to explain:

He went to Switzerland because someone had started listening to his cry: He thanked them for recognizing the crisis and he was going to listen to them:

He admitted that this is time to sure we are mature enough to face anyone and we can’t do it on YouTube and facebooks : He condemns the 1000 conditions we give to people willing to listen to us.

He was asked if he was given any financial compensation apart from his logistics ? He said nothing was done at all . He says he will go even to talk to the “evil France ?? “ if they called him to talk about peace in SCs.

Swiss chose HD and could choose any other . He says he can walk out if he sees that Swiss fails to provide justice .

He had no hard proofs on the allegations on Swiss buying restoration forces to go to some talks but we should be vigilant but not noisy.

On the impact of politicians resigning from parties: He said it had no impact on him as it does not move him but that we should be careful with politicians as they play games . We have to be vigilant he cautioned .

Back to Swiss, what word to those who pulled out:? He said we should not put our carts before the horse : We must pay attention to ourselves : He recognizes constitutions and wants to be in a train carrying SCs. He wants a unanimous reason not unified reason. We need to go and listen , we don’t have to talk , we can go listen and go out .

Admitted that people go to La Rep dungeons and never come out the same : He said he was a changed person and change does not really mean traitors . He says money can not buy him but reason : what has changed in him is that he has become more radicalized. Not after what he has seen in jail with women and kids who have never seen a lawyer. Sometimes to go fast, we need to go slow .
He realized we are fighting a military and diplomatic war and we need to change the language than the one on fb that people want.

He is never afraid of picking up but of elimination: what is in that place is hell. When I see the kind of infighting and lack of collaboration I am afraid but not for myself.

On a Federal system he said SCs despite that people say it’s up to the people to have a right to self determination. Self determination is for us not the others.

About the message he wrote a disclaimer on, he said if he was consulted he would not have made a disclaimer and that politics means nothing to him. The Ground Zero restoration council or something as such is the name.

On his triumphant entry to Bamenda , the Muslims did the horse thing but it turned out to be a feast also from Christians. He was grateful but he never organized them :

Is the French Cameroon going for the Swiss talks ? He said diplomacy is high level confidentiality. He has but questions if la Rep has come out to say they are not part of the process ? No.
People want to position themselves to enter in a position of strength, do they say we are involved? He respect opinions of Akuroh Mbah but said signing does not mean endorsement. We need to come together and be there together to correct each other . We have evidence that we want settlement .

Those going there should represent SCs and nothing else and not dictating who should be there. The door should be open but not wide with scrutiny.
The next engagement will come soon, will he go ? He said even if chad ?? invited he would go meaning if he is invited, he would.

On the special status, he had this to say that it was witchcraft and madness , that such status should be given to other regions of la Rep not an independent state like SCs.
Summary by Shey Tatah from Scandy media platform