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Fako lawyers join those of the Northern zone to help stop assimilation bill

Buea- Fako 06-12-19: Fako lawyers in a communique today condemned the Bill Cameroon parliament were about passing but suspended on Section 19,authorizing the two official languages French and/or English to be used to pass judgement all over the National territory: Meaning francophone officials working in Anglophone regions where common law is practiced can use the French language or civil law to pass judgment:

They call this assimilation which is what President Biya himself confessed at the Paris peace summit weeks ago that they have tried to assimilate anglophones in vain:

The lawyers have rejected such bill and called on all and sundry to do same to stop such devilish plans to wipe out the Anglophone culture which is one of the reasons that brought the chaos today in Cameroon: This is the sign that Cameroon ?? is not willing to ever resolve the crisis:

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Hon. Wirba calls for calm and intensifying Ghost Towns

Where there is misunderstanding and miscommunication, there is bound to be chaos.

Whether the Anglophone struggle is characterized by power tussle, misunderstanding, miscommunication, selling out, treachery/betrayal, Xenophobia, unsustainability etc, this should not derail the committed Anglophones who are a united people from their goal. The mail below supposedly (because when Hon. Wirba speaks, he uses West Cameroon more Southern Cameroons) from Honorable Wirba Joseph now referred to as the Cameroon Martin Luther, is not only emotionally touching especially as he lays his life for his people but gives hope and the reason to keep the struggle until the resistance comes into effect fully. Below is the full version of the clarion call for liberation.

I am Wirba







My dear people of Southern Cameroons, our winning – Passive Resistance Campaign and Ghost Towns is at the verge of total collapse if we do not wake up. Celebrations in Bamenda yesterday 23rd February 2017 during the African Nations Cup tour was a total betrayal to our brothers in jail and those killed by our colonial masters. La Republique du Cameroun and their agents across our land are using unorthodox schemes to neutralise our defiance. I call on all Southern Cameroonians to rally behind the temporal leadership of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium.

Mark and Ivo, you represent the People of Southern Cameroons and you have our full support. You’re in a better position than us to give our people direction. I personally plead to my brother Mr Tassang to return to the fold, and give the temporal leadership of the Consortium full support. We are close to victory. A house divided cannot stand. I also call on all Southern Cameroons liberation organisations to rally behind the temporal leadership of Mark and Ivo. Ghost towns MUST continue every Mondays and Tuesdays and be strictly enforced across our land, until our Statehood is restored. Our towns and villages has been completely militarised, internet cut off and we have no place or voice in our own land. The tortuous road which has led from Buea to Ekona Mbenge, Akwaya to Mamfe, Kumba to Bamenda, Ndop to Jaikiri, Furawa to Nkambe (not exclusively) bears witness to this truth.

This is the road over which countless Southern Cameroonians despite the risk of unrestrained brutality are daring to ask for a return to Federation. The road has opened for millions of our disadvantage, vulnerable citizens a new sense of dignity and a spirit of militancy. In increasing numbers, we’re creating alliances in the Diaspora and across our beautiful land to overcome the orders of our slave masters and their cahoots.

It has led to the so call National Commission for Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, and it will, we are convinced, be widened and lengthened into a super highway that will give our tired feet new strength as we continue our forward stride toward an autonomous Southern Cameroons. In the depths of my heart, I am mindful of the many people who are making our winning Passive Resistance Campaign and Ghost Towns successful – the temporal leadership of the Consortium, our teachers, our lawyers, youths, bike riders, taxi men, ‘bayam-sellam’, students, unbiased journalists, grieving parents, those in the diaspora, who despite freezing temperatures are making their voices heard.

Many of you will never make the headline and your names might not appear in Who’s Who. But you are the true unknown patriots and our heroes. Please do not give up. Not when we are close to victory. Our long walk to freedom has just started. The faith we have in one another is the courage that inspires us to face the uncertainties of the future. Our freedom cannot be complete while our leaders and comrades are in prison, in hiding or on the run. Because we share the responsibility for being the proverbial keeper of our brother and sister, none of us should sleep comfortably while our brothers and sisters remain in jail.

To shameless Southern Cameroon Parliamentarians SDF and CPDM alike, who for “Thirty Pieces of Silver” have betrayed their own sons and daughters, clinging tight to Yaoundé, while pretending to be acting in our best interest, we say to you that when years have rolled past and when the blazing light of truth is focused on the awesome age in which we live – men and women will remember and children will be taught in schools that you gave the government of La Republique the legitimacy for today’s whining bullets, mortar bursts and wounded justice, lying prostrate on the blood-flowing streets of Southern Cameroons.

To privilege slaves, so call elites and the Judas Iscariots in the house who have been trying to divide our people, you are worst than the gendarmes and the BIRs put together. We say to you that right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant and unarmed truth and unconditional love will reign supreme across our land. Because of your greed, rapacious desire for wealth, favour, status and power, you have made our days dreary with low-hovering clouds, our nights darker than a thousand midnights and our journey to freedom longer. History will remember you. Your children and their grandchildren may never be able to erase this stain.

I have been declared persona non grata by my colleagues for speaking the truth in parliament and for calling on them to return home. We all know that if our MPs return home, it is game over for our oppressors. So, I reiterate my call on Southern Cameroonians to call on their MPs to return home. The only reason why we (Members of Parliament) are in the Ngoa-Ekelle Glass House is because of you, our constituents – the people. I appeal to true imams and church leaders across our land to join the people in this clarion call. As I communicate to you, there is a special squad from Yaoundé with strict orders to kill me. This may be my last opportunity to communicate to you my people. Please, always remember that I will never betray you.

Dear comrades, please, never forget these words….“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty
This injustice is not limited to our colonial masters and their brutal gendarmes who’re killing our people for asking for federation. It applies to their personnel in our towns and villages who keep sending their children to school. It applies to every collaborator who’s defying the orders of the people’s Consortium and forcing lecturers and teachers to return to class when our demands have not been made. It applies to MPs and so call elites who are going against the wishes of the very people they’re supposed to be representing. We must resist them by all means to the last child. You the people of Southern Cameroons must resist more than ever before. No man or woman is bigger than the people – our Consortium. Please, join “The Wirba Resistance” group on Facebook and help us give the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium an unmatched impetus. We must continue to resist and de-legitimize the colonial government of La Republique du Cameroun and its colonial administrative authorities across our land, until they bow.

Hon Wirba