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Ngonso Festival 2014 in Tatum

The Annual Nso Cultural Festival “Ngonso” Organized by the Nso Cultural and Development Association “NSODA” ran from the 27th December 2014 to the 3rd of 2015. This year’s Theme was: Culture; The Path to Peace, Unity & Develpoment

This report mostly in images covers only the day one and two activities in Tatum starting from the eve of 27th  to the 28th evening. The 27th was more of a commercial and cosy day with final preparations put in place for the Opening on the 28th.

Then came the opening day 28th of December 2014.

Manjong and Nsoda exco are the early births to storm the entrance awaiting the arrival of his Majesty El-Hadj Sehm Mbinglo 1.

While waiting the arrival, The Kibrankoh displays as the manjong sings

As the Nkoh gives way, His Majesty El-Hadj Sehm Mbinglo paramount Fon of Nso arrives led by the Manjong to the resting Palace.

The Fon of Kiluun welcomes and greets the Fon of Nso as they both take their places.

The SDO for Bui arrives and goes to the D.O’s residence, visited by Nsoda exco while photo shooting takes place before the official opening.

SDO Bui, Etat Major, Nsoda take pictures outside the DO’s residence…

The is led to the ceremonial ground to wait the arrival of the SDO for the ceremony to begin. The procession is led by the Nsoda exco, then then Vibaays, while the Dignitaries toe their line to salut the SDO.

The SDO for Bui arrives, greets the dignitaries then takes his seat.

The Kids sing the National Anthem in Lamnso and the celebration starts.

While the ceremonial ground is busy with the opening, others are busy with the festivities outside the ground while Juju displays like the shinkans, wanmabu, Nkoh etc display at the market square. The football tournament “the Royal cup” organized by Shey Lawrence Nsoyuni is also part of the activities to assist the youth in their fight against poverty and social ills

The SDO for Bui reads the opening address and declares the Ngonso 2014 in Tatum open…After which photographs were shot between the SDO and other Fons, amongst which was the Fon of Nkwen.

Present at the ceremonial ground were Lord Mayor Njong and wife, Hon. Banadzem, Hon. Carline Mbiybe etc.

After the departure of the SDO and his entourage, the Fons returned to the ceremonial ground for the juju displays and traditional dances. Yee Nwerong led the way for the jujus while Njang, Wirajing, chong, Mfu, Samba etc all performed.

Shigwalla displays and Njang

Yee Nwerong

The kids kikum took the stage with their famous yaaya song

Then comes the Yee Ngiri


The rest of the evening was characterized by other juju displays, traditional dances and merry making in bars and drinking spots.

In case you want to watch the full coverage video free of charge then click on the link below but you are advised to contact the producer Shey Leo of Savannah echo to support this initiative. The Video covers the full activities of Tatum for the opening with important speeches and activities.

Compiled by

Shey Tatah D.L Sevidzem

Aka Wo Scandy



CamNews Summary from the Scandy Palace

Summary of the Cameroon news around the country from the various media.


Shey Tatah Wo Scandy

CamNews Summary from the Scandy Palace:

1. While President Biya Laid to rest his mother in-law news of the death of his elder sister was reported on the 20th of oct.

According to Cameroon-info.net Tout est parti Jeudi et Vendredi derniers, par une rumeur qui s’est très vite répandue sur toute l’étendue du territoire national, comme une traînée de poudre. Régine Ngonda Mvondo épouse Bidjang, sœur aînée du chef de l’État, a rendu l’âme. Alors qu’elle n’était jusque-là que dans un état critique.

Ce n’est que hier (Dimanche 19 Octobre 2014), en matinée qu’elle est effectivement décédée, des suites de maladie. Le corps a été conduit à la morgue de l’Hôpital Général de Yaoundé.

2. CRTV reports that the PM Yang who is heading the committee to help Cameroon host the nation’s cup in 2019 has started ground work.
This first meeting was organised to elaborate the strategy to be adopted by government and especially a chronogram of activities.

PM Cameroon

PM Cameroon

During the meeting, Prime Minister Philemon Yang called on each member of the committee to present a plan of action in terms of the projects earmarked.

That was good news not only for Nigeria but for Cameroon that shares a 1800km border, with this country of close to 150 million people.

That notwithstanding, Cameroon remains on the vanguard; officials have indicated that there shall be no relent in the efforts being put in place to protect Cameroonians.

Health workers are still being trained, isolation centres maintained and entry into Cameroon strictly controlled.

4. Cameroon Team Manager Alphonse Tchami condemns Aboubakar Vincent of his behavior during the Cameroon – Sierra Leone match telling him the national teams does not belong to an individual. According to Cameroon-info.net;

Aboubakar Vincent

Aboubakar Vincent

Le joueur s’était notamment plaint de n’avoir pas été aligné lors du match retour des qualifications à la Can 2015 contre la Sierra-Leone. Le team manager répond que « l’équipe nationale n’appartient à personne ».

5. Last Monday CRTV reported that The Cameroon army stopped Boko Haram from Advancing into the country.


A communiqué from the Ministry of Defence says eight Cameroonian soldiers lost their lives during the operation before some of the invaders fled back into Nigeria.

6. Kumbo Strikers takes on Dynamo Douala today wednesday at the Municipal statdium in Tobin- Kumbo for the quarter finals of the Cameroon Cup. Kumbo lost some 3 weeks back to Dynamo in Douala by 2 goals to 1.

Kumbo strikers

Kumbo strikers

7. SHUMAS Grabs 2014 National ENERGY GLOBE Award

Mformi Stephen

Mformi Stephen

for more  on Shumas award read here:

Summary by

Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Wo Scandy)


Do You Believe in Curses?

By Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Wo Scandy)

It is very common to hear about curses in the traditional and cultural set ups and most especially in the Religious & church circles but very unusual to use that word in the world of Sports and particularly Football. This has become true in most media that report about sports (Football) and Benfica FC is that Team that has attracted the world’s attention.

Bela Guttman

Bela Guttman

It all started some 52 years back when Bela Guttmann, a Jewish Hungarian player and later coach was sacked as Team manager (Coach) from Benfica after having two successive seasons 1961 and 1962 winning the European Cup twice consecutively. His sack came as a result of his quest for salary raise. He left the club leaving a curse placed on the team (Benfica) never to win a European tournament in 100 years. Bela was born on the 27th of January 1899 and died in Austria 28th August 1981 at the age of 82.


Before the Finals yesterday, many media speculated if the curse would be broken, amongst those that shared their worries were BBC news…

“According to legend, he said the team wouldn’t win another European trophy for 100 years from the day he left.

But can the side break the spell and end the 52 year old curse when they face Sevilla tonight in the Europa final in Turin, Italy?”

Shari Terrence

Shari Terrence

On the Phone with me few hours before the start of match was Shari Terrence from Horsens who shared the same worry and told me he would pray for Benfica to win to break the curse. He shared that Benfica authorities had paid homage to Bela Guttmann’s grave to seek peace and ask him reverse the curse. As The match went on, he kept calling and sharing his views on the chances squandered by Benfica. before the penalty knock outs, he surrendered to his fear and bid good night to me.

Gilbert Yongka

Gilbert Yongka

Gilbert Yongka Of Afoni children og Hope in Kumbo puts a puzzle, Is it mere coincidence or a true? Here is what he has to say…

Seven times BENFICA has been European finalists since their former manager, Bela Guttmann laid down his hex in 1962, and seven times they have lost.
Refused a pay rise after leading Benfica to a second successive European Cup triumph, the Jewish Hungarian declared the club would not succeed on the continent for 100 years. True or coincidence?

Benfica Corner

Benfica Corner

Disappointed Benfica players

Disappointed Benfica players

Gilbert Yongka was not even far from the truth, it was the 8th Final as reported by Ashley Clements in Dailymail Uk.

As Benfica failed to win in a major European final for a record eighth time on Wednesday night, fans of the Portuguese champions will once again be looking to the sky and blaming the Bela Guttman curse.

Sivilla jubilates

Sivilla jubilates

sevilla went home with the victory but the big questions remain. Did Sevilla really deserve to win? The ball possession for the match stood at 48 for Sevilla and 52 for Benfica? Did the curse contribute to the defeat of Benfica? or was it mere coincidence at the 8th time?

from the guardian during his minute by minute report concluded immediately Benfica failed in the Penalty kicks …

“The curse is alive and kicking. Gameiro scores and Sevilla wins the Europa League! (That’s a guaranteed Spain double in the European cups!”

It is left for us to judge for ourselves but one thing is very clear, as Yvonne Nforchu shared yesterday, words do really have some powerful effects on us but my question is, should the words of others have that much effect or us? And for how long? What should we do to battle this out? Your guess is as good as Mine.