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How do women above 40 behave ?


When some Women turn 40 or 50 years, something major shifts in their personality.

They become bolder, more rebellious, more religious, more focused, more opinionated and more emphatic about what they want.

Don’t be surprised when a previously obedient and submissive Woman on turning 40/50 changes completely.
Most especially when she had given birth to Children.

At this age, she may not go with the flow anymore, she may begin to ask some questions :
– Is sex food?
– Query some of your instructions
– Even the way you behave.

She will also become more outspoken and will not be afraid to speak her mind.

If care is not taken, you may have to do for yourself :
– Dry cleaning
– Preparing food to eat
Because it might take her more time before she responds to your request.

There is something definitely special about turning 40/50 for Women.

If she has never challenged or questioned your instructions, get ready to be shocked by her boldness and confrontational attitude.

The only way to avoid total breakdown of Peace and Harmony in the home is for Men to become fair, objective and reasonable in their approaches to issues at home and/or at work.

Men should bear in mind that at this age, Women also harbour lots of regrets about the decisions they have made in life so far …
Their Husbands may be one of them!

A woman at this age is a better Judge of character and will evaluate a Man using very different & weird parameters.

Men must start on time to prepare for this phase in the lives of their Wives/Partners/Bosses/Subordinates.

What you put in is what you get!

If you have treated her fairly, then you don’t have anything to worry about.
She will begin to appreciate you better if for any reason she didn’t do so in the past.

On the contrary if you haven’t been nice to her, fasten your seatbelt, the ride is about to get pretty bumpy.

A Woman doesn’t forget those who hurt her, and by her actions and utterances you will know that she is out to show you that she is no longer that little girl you married..
It might help to learn these early especially with the added Corona stress.
Elder Dr. M. Job Mainye Ph.D , Kisii, Kenya

Is Human-Animal Marriage next on the Line?

There is no doubt that the world is facing many challenges. While the world is struggling over the Global Economic crisis, other social issues have been on the menu that have affected some diplomatic relations especially between the West and the Developing countries. One of those social issues has been the call to legalize and respect Gay marriages an issue that is considered a taboo in some cultures.


Gay Marriages

Gay Marriages

A few months ago these two photoshopped pictures above lingered the internet, between two statesmen; president Obama from the US of A and President Mugabe of Zimbabwe where the latter challenged the former to divorce his wife and marry Him.  “I hereby ask Obama to be my gay partner” – Robert Mugabe. This was reiterated in the Washington Post of 25th July by Max Fisher, “We ask, was he born of homosexuality?”

This issue of homosexuality as ealier said has brought strained relations between African leaders and some Western leaders, as if that was not enough the common practice of Humans having sex with animals has escalated to the extent of Legalizing the marriage between a human and an animal.


Five months ago in San Fransisco California at the Chapel of our Lady, the first ever  recognized human-animal state wedding took place with a 35-year-old Paul Horner being the groom. This wedding that was broadcast in many media was received with mixed feelings.

Questions were asked and according to nationalreport.net, one of the sites that published the details of the event…

“In the book of California’s State Laws and Regulations there is a little known law that was passed as the state was first forming in 1850. According to article 155, paragraph 10, it clearly states:

If a man and a man can get married and a woman and a woman can get married, if ever comes that day, then a human and animal will have the exact same rights to marriage in every eye of the law. God help us if this ever is to happen!


Although not many of such weddings have been registered, from the statement above one can be tempted to conclude that it shall soon gather momentum and win grounds likewise the gay marriage promotion. It is very common to see people in Europe and America use dogs as partners and treat them with more care than human. While in the trains and around the streets, people are seen kissing dogs,sleeping with them and having sex with them like humans. A friend of mine from the Scandinavia once told me that the classification of priorities in that part of the world puts animals in the third position ahead of men. He classified women and kids having the first two positions, animals coming third, material issues at the 4th while men could come at any order from the 5th.

I spoke to a few people on their views of human-animal sexual relation. Those with the  European background had a completely positive and respectful view while those with african background did not only decry the act but were completely aggressive towards it.

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Eklu Steven is from Ghana and Isata Daramy is from Sierra Leone. These two had similar views about sex with animals maybe because of the new culture they both enjoy. They both condemned the act but had respect for those who find themselves in such. They categorically refuse to practise it and would never encourage anyone to get involve in such.

This view was equally shared by my Cameronian folks both home and abroad.

Bongyi10 lum25

Bongyi M Birmo and Nforchu Y Lum from Yaounde and Douala respectively described it as disgusting and would see it as complete madness.  Birmo referred to it as “What rubbish” citing a CD she had with girls having sex with dogs, a video she was unable to watch that could make her regurgitate. When asked who were the actors, she stated that these were women with the dark skin color and that the movie probably was acted in Holland.

Lum on her part said she considered it as “sickness” for anyone involved in such. She lamented on the act itself wondering why humans will indulge in such insanity leading her to ask many rhetotical questions to express her frustration. Some of these were;

“Why would someone have sex with an animal when there are humans around? Is it something they did as an experiment or do they enjoy having sex with animals? Is it that this person does not feel sexual attraction towards humans?”

She concluded that anyone having sex with an animal; goat, dog, donkey etc should have his or her head examined, adding that if she had to suggest the cause, this could be as a result of a person having a feeling of rejection towards humans that attention is now diverted to animals.

when asked if she knew anyone or has heard of any one in Cameroon guilty of this act; she said yes saying that a guy was shown in one of the state’s TVs that was arrested by the police because he was caught having sex with a goat citing other media that have held similar programs about the topic, though she could not give more details due to the fact that she never paid huge attention to it as she never considered it an issue then or that she would one day be asked to share a view about that topic.

Verla JB Fritz

Verla JB Fritz

The Last Cameroonian contacted was Verla JB Fritz. Without Mincing words he stroke the iron while it was still very hot; “They are just lower animals themselves ; bestiality is intrinsically a disgusting sexual orientation , brutish and psychopathic …” he tackled it from a moral point of view stating categorically that “It is intrinsically immoral and ethically wrong from all perspectives .” When asked how he would treat one that has sex with an animal, he said “Just like I will do to a stray dog .”

His aggressive approach towards this did not end there when he decribed how a stray dog is treated…”I make sure I land the biggest stone or stick I lay my hands on on its head”.

Since he was reacting from abroad in China- Asia, he was asked to compare the practice in China as to other countries. From his reply the situation seemed under control in China but he reserved some doubts which could be based on pretense;

” I have No idea ; well, media here is selective; you only see and hear the good part of the place and people…but it won`t be absent; as they are very secretive about sexual activities . If some of them can eat dogs and cats, then inductively, some of them will wanna shag them. (he smiles)”. Verla was asked to compare such acts to the Culture back home if it is very common; he responded with a good sense of humor but made some powerful points though a little vulgar…

“That is not African culture; I`ll kill anyone who tries to “discuss and chat” my goat or cow to shag it.I`ll blow his “fucking” balls off…Respect the animals !”

His conclusion talks about respect for animals which is similar to what one of the Western countries where i studied (Denmark) would refer to as animal rights.  Although both talk about respect for animals, one talks about respect in terms of having sex with it without hurting it.  According to Andreas Muller Digens on the danish guy having legal sex with his dog and “Denmark’s unique approach to animal rights. For example,a it’s illegal to buy a pit bull in the country but completely legal to have sex with a dog, or any other animal, as long as you aren’t torturing it.”

He goes further to state that “A number of animal rights groups don’t share the Danish political class breezy apathy and have warned that Denmark is becoming a prime destination for animal sex tourism. ”

While there is a divided mind on the legalization of humans having sex with animals, without any cause of contradiction, one can conclude that this is soon going to be a cause for concern like the gay marriages. Sooner or later some cultures shall be forced to accept such relations and this would be met with lots of pressure and opposition but whatever the case, the society is evolving and we must learn to deal with such practices and maybe adjust to cope with them. Although i stated at the introduction that it is very common in the West, not everyone would put their money on it as it is still regarded as a scandal in some places especially in the same USA where the first legal marriage is registered. Below is a video in Florida to support my claim.


By Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Wo Scandy)




San Francisco, CA — On Monday history was made at the Chapel of Our Lady at the Presidio in San Francisco as the first-ever state recognized human-animal marriage took place. – See more at: http://nationalreport.net/california-allows-first-ever-state-recognized-human-animal-marriage/#sthash.7dq1SOFx.dpuf