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Copenhagen police invade the Central station

Police Planted all over the central station in Copenhagen

There has been massive police around the Copenhagen Central station this evening with many places blocked. Although FCK has a match this evening, the security in place had nothing to do with the planting of police. Shey Tatah spoke to one of the police lady and she said a shooting had taken place around the area.

Although the Central station was guarded, the DGI Byen was also occupied by the police. The urgency in which some uniform men expressed and demonnstrated showed something serious had actually taken place or was about to happen. By the time Shey Tatah left the scene a bit of calm still lingered the place and no further information reached. The culprit had not yet been apprehended but the police seemed to have the situation under control.

So those going to work should not only take care but should leave ahead of time in case of any delays. 

Shey Tatah