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No signs of terrorism in the Plane crash

The plane that crashed in The French Alps 2days ago has posed so many questions in the minds of viewers, readers, travelers etc.

Crash area

Crash area foto from BBC

Some of these questions usually are, what went wrong? How did this happen? Was it terrorism or engine failure etc. No one has ever thought that a pilot trained in the aviation school will willingly decide to drop the plane down and kill himself and others.

Unfortunately this is the case with a German born Andreas Lubitz, who was the co-polit with the GermanWings flight.


Andreas Lubitz. Foto from BBC

The French prosecutor Brice Robin reported that  the 28-year-old Andreas Lunitz locked the doors of the cockpit after the captain went to the toilet according BBC.

According to Richard Westcott, a BBC Transport correspondent, the focus now moves from the mechanics to the man flying the plane.

With this conclusion, it is very likely that the word terrorism seems to be ruled out of the scene. But the question some begin to ask is how terrorism is defined. Why will a man deliberately decide to take his life and that of others doubted if he planned his actions in advance, as posed by the Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin. By taking advantage of the short time spent by the pilot in the rest room can not ruled out the fact that Andreas has been looking forward to this.

Since Luthansa has no clue and does not have standard psychological testing for pilots once hired, i think it is high time to admit that such negligence can be worse than terrorism since such an act can not be considered as such. But the million dollar question is supposed this act was deliberately done by a non German or Non European, how would you refer to it?

It is a painful incident for 150 souls to perish in less than 5 minutes. Our hearts are with those who have been affected by this tragedy.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem