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An implicating day for Biya’s regime and military in Kumbo as they attacked UN/US officials

The UN/US officials were on a fact finding mission especially on the IDPs when they were attacked at around wainama towards Jakiri when the military colonial forces ran towards them and forced return their convoy back to Babessi where they were searched and accused for supplying military materials to the Restoration forces : They were intimidated and bullied despite that they earlier had a stop with the authorities before moving towards Kumbo .

The trauma was too much to bear and they considered returning but were called by some coordinators of the Bui warriors who sent some of the warriors for Wainama unit to escort them to Jakiri: As they left, la Rep forces from Kumbo who were hinted by those of Babessi had arrived Jakiri and gave them another thorough search and intimidation before letting them go. This time around the Bui warriors were informed and they decide to accompany right to Kumbo providing maximum security.

while in Kumbo they were to meet with religious authorities especially the Bishop of Kumbo and others and later the Baptist at the hospital premises before meeting other civil society movements.

We are told the Biya’s regime has questioned the aggressiveness of its professional army as what they planned to sabotage the attack on the restoration forces was all caught on camera. The evidences of the atrocities caused by military have been clear to them and they could imagine what the Ambazonians have been going through.

Some who met with these officials said he even suspected they were more of American using the UN facilities which could make matters worse for La Rep regime especially as they have been attacking and accusing the USA ?? for destabilizing their country .

This is just one of the many atrocities meted on foreigners by the regime to blame it on the Restoration forces. The authorities shall remain under the care of Bui warriors until after their mission.
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