The Bishop of Kumbo hits the nail on the head concerning the Cameroon national dialogue

Speaking on the press after meeting with the Cameroon’s PM, the president of the Bishops of the ecclesiastical province of Bamenda Bishop George Nkuo of Kumbo fearlessly as a servant of God says it as it is:

He reiterated that the dialogue should start and handle the root cause of the crisis and that there should be no taboo topic on the table adding that they have suffered enough and that they are the ones suffering : His statement is a clear message since 2016 as they kept coming out seeking solutions since the crisis started and escalated: He as a servant of God has spoken his mind and truth for those sitting on the table to examine their consciences:

We at the Scandy Media platform join the Bishops to state that only such a frank dialogue adding that the territory be demilitarized, all prisoners related to this set free and Amnesty granted to those in the diaspora can we talk freely and fair to each other to seek Justice and peace :

Scandy Media analyst

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