The Bui Colonial delegate of education does not admit but recruits students

Kumbo 21-06-21: The Bui Divisional Delegate of Education says he wants to recruit students :

Now we know this should be about child abuse because they might need them in the military definitely not in schools as we do not recruit students but admit them in Ambazonia:

The school year will be another fiasco unless there is a conducive environment for our children to study ; you can’t be sending military armored cars and tankers to kill parents, and children then want to claim to educate their children ; how do you educate children to kill? You are burning down villages and expect children to live in the bushes and attend schools which you will in turn burn to fan the crisis for your personal benefits : We love education more than you but we value our lives more:

No one will force us let our children killed ; Kumba massacre is still in my minds; ceasefire ; demilitarize our land, release parents of kids whose children need education, stop razing down our villages and our children will go to school without any condition : Anything short of this is vain:

Shey Tatah Sevidzem (SM)

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