The Cameroon Major National Dialogue started with lots of mixed feelings and controversies

The National dialogue announced by President Biya Paul of Cameroon was launched today 30-01-19 in Yaoundé with close to 500 participants amongst which were some boys and girls ferried to the congress hall to confess as ex Ambazonian militia :

Yawa Yawa Yannick gave a keynote as one of the deflected Ambazonia forces explaining why they took arms, at some point he was being interrupted as it was assumed that he went off script and narrated the truth than what was prepared for him :

He enumerated a number of grievances that led to the armed struggle reiterating that the war is fought in social media and that it was there he became radicalized believing a new country was at the corner:

Many Anglophone elites; religious and traditional leaders were spotted as well:

The most controversial was the presence of some diaspora who played a double standard role during the crisis but were found at the dialogue hall: Many have questioned if they too were also bought like any other following audios circulating on social media with journalists like Elie Smith trying to hard to buy over Ambazonian soldiers to come and stand up as dropping their arms:

The same held for Paddy Asanga who was heard frustrated that they restoration forces contacted were making things complicated : One begins to question the “small thing” Elie Smith keeps transferring to lure the forces to the dialogue what must have become the All Anglophone Conference which he championed as the spokesman:

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