The Cameroon military scares the population with their presence in Kumbo

Kumbo 12-11-19: Today at exactly 12:45 noon at least two Cameroon military trucks disrupted the Kumbo main market with their appearance as the population closed down their shops and escaped to safety.

The people of Kumbo are conscious and aware of the barbarism and atrocities melted upon them by forces of Biya regime and have vowed to take safety measures each time they come in contact with:

Early this afternoon, about 12:45 noon, two trucks approached the market from Corner water and the population took to their heels based on past experience. It is very common that the military presence in Bui and Southern Cameroons as a whole has brought untold number of painful stories.

An Ambazonian flag flown at the market at their arrival: No one has given reason for their presence but at the time of press, no casualties were recorded yet. We are aware that the military often break into shops and loot . This is a developing story.

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