The Danish Mission council holds GTS year’s GA in Middlefart

The Danish Mission Council Development Department has a project known as Genbrug Til Syd-GTS which in English known as Recycling For Development met this weekend 25-26 October 2019 in an Island known as Fyn in Middlefart. This meeting assembles all Organisations that carry out development projects in the developing countries with Africa often the Majority.

 This initiative is about the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs offering “financial support to Danish associations wishing to ship used equipment from Denmark to partner organisations in the South. Since 1990, this support has been covered by the ‘MFA pooled fund for reconditioning and shipment of used equipment’ budget line, colloquially termed ‘Recycling for development’ (RfD). The RfD pooled fund is managed by Danish Mission Council Development Department (DMCDD) based on an annual appropriation on the Danish government budget bill approved by parliament.”

This year’s meeting was very strategic as it pulled over 50 different Organisations with more than 30 working with Africa. The friday’s 25-10-2019 program was as follows:

Coming up for the first time on the agenda was the use of sports as a tool for development in which two African Organizations made great presentations on the activities carried on the ground in Gambia and Tanzania. This left the participants speechless as many were marveled at the results and rule.

We had Renovation workshops presentation hammering on the equipment and maintenance as well as how best to apply for these materials/equipment. This then gave room for the exchange of experience among the organizations working in the same “recipient” countries.

Saturday’s program started with the Presentation of new leaflets on agriculture and GTS Apostolic Church Presentation with Care4People and their partner from Zimbabwe.

Information on prevention of sexual abuse by Karen Andersen and recommendations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for GTS, followed by workshops & plenary session.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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