The Fon of Nso returns to the palace and speaks to his people

Nso palace – Kumbo 03-04-21

The expected population invited at the Nso palace to receive a message from the Fon’s return have left some with mixed feelings :

A lot of people did not answer the sermon when news broke out that the palace was littered with Biya’s military around :
While awaiting the “detailed excerpts” our team asked a few that summoned courage to answer present who expressed mixed feelings: When asked why, some said they The Fon remain neutral and concentrate on bringing his people together as a Traditional high priest : The Fon recounting the 4 years of education lost called for school resumptions & forgiveness for peace to reign .

Fon’s message upon return to his people

He said he has not that much to say but that Nso people should bear him witness :
We are told immediately after his speech “A device” exploded in the palace injuring at 4 who are already rushed to the hospital . Scandy Media (SM)

Updates : 8 pm
Our team visited the hospital and we are afraid the injured were at least 7.

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