The Great Ambazonian Field Marshal General No Pity hits scores of Biya’s military forces in Bamali- Ndop

Bamali – Ndop Ngoketunjia County 19-06-21

The most dreaded Ambazonian General also known as Field Marshall FM has inflicted a deadly blow on Biya’s military terrorists who were on control and some taking guard in Bamali an outskirts in Ndop the main town in Ngoketunjia county.

This comes at the time Biya’s Major General dispatched at least 300 extra Military forces to Bui county with the hope of cracking down the Bui warriors and neutralizing General No Pity who seems to be Omnipresent. No Pity, father of the Marine forces for the Ambazonian Restoration Forces was spotted yesterday in Bambili -Mezam county and as Biya’s forces stupidly went to Bui and were about dispatching another squad to Bambili to apprehend him, he appeared in Bamali – Ngoketunjia county slaughtering Biya’s military terrorists in their numbers .
The videos below are gruesome and should serve as a lesson for the CPDM and Biya’s regime to call for cease fire immediately or lose their military to the Ambazonian Restoration forces : Time for talks to begin in a neutral ground:

FM No Pity in Bamali
FM No Pity in Bamali
FM No Pity in Bamali

Shey Tatah Sevidzem for SM

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