The great field Marshal of Bui warriors and his collaborators hoist the Ambazonian flag at the Kumbo main market as sign of freedom from La Rep du Cameroon ??

Kumbo Today Sunday the 3rd of November 2019, the Bui Warriors’ FM Charcha and his close collaborators hoisted the Ambazonian flag at the Kumbo main market in Mbve as sign of complete and outright freedom from the barbarism on La Rep du Cameroon ??: Then they gave the flag a series of gun salutes

The event took place before 12 noon when the traders and population watched in admiration the joyous hoisting of the the Ambazonian flag as a sign of freedom from la Rep colonial and end of rule in La Rep.

some shops immediately closed down for fear of any military invasion as they always want to intimidate but the warriors under the leadership of FM Charcha stayed on the ground to respect and gone honor to the flag.

It is no longer news that the Bui warriors made up of three forces, the ASC/IG, the ADF & Independent group all working together have vowed to be the first county to free themselves from any colonial rule and to bring justice, equality and peace in Ambazonian.

Field Marshal abandoned the funeral of his father buried this weekend to put Ambazonia first as a sign of commitment to his call to liberate our land .

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