The invasion and multiple attacks in Bui left a civilian killed in Djottin and heavy casualties on the military in Dzekwa LGA .

Bui county 31-07-22 : The bloody attack at the Nkor Gendarmerie in Noni LGA by FM (Foot Solider) No Pity and Unity warriors night of Thursday 28-07-31 left at least 4 gendarmes neutralized, a warrior later lost his life due to excessive bleeding out of the three injured . More military forces were dispatched to Bui including 5 extra trucks that met their doom in Kumbo Wainama stretch today .

Paul’s home where he was picked upSM

About 7 military trucks were sent immediately on Friday the 29-07-31 but for fear of being attacked at the entrance to Bui through Babesi, they decided to move through Oku before invading Djottin for reprisal .
As soon as they arrived Djottin and thinking that the Bui Unity warriors had gone there for back up decided to re-enforce with 5 extra trucks through Wainama and Jakiri but they met their doom the very Friday as they were attacked in four places ( Waianama, Nkar, Sop & Melim) respectively by the Bui Unity warriors .

Yesterday as they waited in vain to battle with the warriors who are guerrillas, they ended up invading quarters and taking ambush in vain . When the Bui warriors did not fall into their traps, they resorted to arresting civilians that most had escaped to the bushes ; last night they broke into one home and picked up a civilian whose name we got as Paul and took away with but later executed at night and dumped about 5km away as they sneakingly alert the village at night .

Early this afternoon, while 5 other extra trucks forced their way into Kumbo through Wainama, they were again attacked by the two groups of the Bui Unity warriors ambush units; first at Wainama and secondly at the sop Melim stretch . While the battle was still going on at the Wainama- Kumbo stretch, the military that left Djottin attacked the marine forces and Unity warriors towards Oku who were on their way to another mission.

The Unity warriors in Bui North precisely Nkum had their own share of the battle as the military that left Wat in Donga Mantung invaded a border village with Kuvlu known as Mboya where they burnt down homes ;
The Unity warriors from Nkum North decided to back them up but were ambushed and shot on the legs where 5 were injured but receiving treatment at the health unit now. The military continued to loot any shop seen burnt down at kea two hones and bikes they saw around at Mboya. The Bui Unity warriors that succeeded to survive the ambush found another way to arrive Mboya and have been battling with them. We are still expecting feedback. The back up from Bui Unity warriors to Donga Mantung is a sure sign of collaboration and again an eye opener to all that Unity and collaboration is the way forward to a successful liberation of Ambazonia.
With the mentioning of these battles from many fronts one should not only understand what these Unity warriors go through on daily basis but should do all they can to encourage , support and assist them for giving hope , defending and protecting the civilians and their properties and most especially ready to free homeland with all they got. SM

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