The Newly installed SDO for Bui is very crooked in his dealings, manipulating the people of Bui

The Newly elected SDO for Bui Lanyuy Harry Ngwayi an indigene is biting more than he can chew: He has embarked on devilish moves that would make him most haunted and hunted.

First he created and installed vigilante groups in all the sub divisions in Bui equipping them with materials similar to that of the boys and they go around kidnapping and terrorizing the boys attributing the name Amba boys to themselves. They now set confusion in Jakiri Dzekwa and Noni sub divisions: We are told those recruited are CPDM militants and their agents.

He has prepared offices in his building forcing all Divisional delegates to move and work from there else he concludes that they are working with Bui warriors : The delegates have argued and demanded how they will be protected out of office and in their homes but the SDO does not care about the safety of the workers.
Today he dispatched his military men all over Kumbo today to arrest and forcefully collect ID cards from civilians asking them to come collect from his quarters:
Three things entail here: The ID cards shall be used to register the population by force like they are using Vigilante groups to register IDPs and forward the list to Elecam: Secondly they have some names of wanted people and they are using that to arrest and lock them up when they come and lastly to extort money from the poor civilians.

We are told the Bui warriors have warned against anyone linked with the elections in their land with heavy and serious penalties.

Those named by the regime to go around explaining the “special status” scam have also been warned not to partake in such a slavery move aimed at bringing the people back to 50 years of colonialism.
The Bui warriors say the SDO and his team must be stopped and the population must collaborate with them to stop this barbarism .

Fai Paul Ndzelen for Scandy media

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