The ongoing crisis in the north west region have paved the way for community works in Kumbo

Bamkikai road construction

The people of Kumbo and environs have taken advantage of the movement limitations as the crisis depends to create developments by engaging into local roads constructions linking smaller villages and quarters :

On the 26th of September 2019 in the Kimbo Development & Cultural Association Forum, the President Bankui Frederick posted:

“Bamkikaay Community in Kimbo: The Bamkikaay community has started constructing a road that links Bamkikaay-Baaba-Jem. Work goes on every Monday. The works are coordinated by Sheey Mawo Maurice (Wo Shwer). “

This was met with encouraging comments like ; “This is what I love most community work congrats my people” Mrs. Celine Berinyuy

I love my people and always proud to be identified as a wan nso (Nso Son). In the midst of the crises, in the midst of the poverty and hardship caused by the crises, in the midst of the human loss and the wounded, in the midst of the constant lockdown, our people still sacrifice the precious limited hours to do community work. This is wonderful. I love the spirit. This is what will rebuild Kumbo after the crises. Lets encourage them in every sense.” Henry Kiven

Today 8th October 2019 came yet more images from another similar exercise in the same neighborhood which is The “ Bamkikaay-Baaba-Jem road construction still by Bamkikaay community on Monday 7th October 2019. 82 people were present and was this 12th day of work” . Tukov Evelyne.

More congratulatory messages flooded in as well like : “”Congrats, let this spirit of community development and participation reign in our people.” Msenyuy Joachim:

“I am so proud of the Bamkikaay_Baaba-Jem road project. It’s execution is a concrete evidence of our belief on where our unity can lead us. Congratulations” Fr Charles Mbuntum

“Our NSO people are well known for Community development initiatives. Keep the spirit alive.” Dan Zubair

“ Thank for the mavelous job I’m among the immediate beneficiary of this road my farm is under this hill.“ Sh Abdulkarim

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