The release of the said 333 prisoners of southern Cameroonians might be conditional

Buea: Prison Buea has started releasing those arrested and jailed in Buea In relation to the southern Cameroons but the authorities seem to insist that they are released with a mission as this is supported by the statements from some of them:

At least 145 people have benefited from this release and we can now understand that those released might be those that accepted with the conditions of the regime which is to go and preach peace and to convince those in the bushes to drop their weapons.

Releasing them which such conditions means that if they do not deliver , the regime will come after than again according to what the authorities said.

As such their release is not only conditional but to cover up for the game since some of them were brought out from jail to confess as Ex fighters of Ambazonia. This is typical of the regime in place as their drama is never in good faith but to buy time and deceive the international community.

Unfortunately their cup is full this time around , we remain strong with those who could not accept the barbaric condition for the regime to release them and will continue to fight and press for their freedom .

Scandy Media analyst

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