The unity warriors of Bui and the marine forces dismantle the brigade in Mbiame bringing the corpse of the Brigade commander

Mbiame – Mbve LGA 08-07-22 Big Win for Ambazonia thanks to the Unity warriors and the power of Unity :

Another Great Victory for Ambazonia as the Bui Unity Warriors and the Marine forces led a deadly attack at the Mbiame gendarmerie killing many and coming home with the head of the Brigade commander of Mbiame : 

The  selected squad from all the Unity Warriors Generals were headed by FM No Pity alias Foot Soldier ; MG Mad Dog, Gen BV etc The Airforce General was on the move to counter any back up: The unity warriors already knew ahead of time about their victory and took a coffin with them as confirmed by FM No Pity himself.

This fierce and successful battle is happening barely a day to the All Bui Unity Warriors Zoom meeting scheduled on the 09-07-22 at 7pm Amba time : Come and motivate these brave warriors and give your support :

This is a big win for All Ambazonians: Why wait to motivate them: The results are seen always when they are out : One of the Generals on the mission confirmed the warriors returned safely with the corpse of the Brigade Commander as proof: Our people including the warriors should then be aware of the reprisal and take serious safety measures:


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