The Untold Massacre in Yelum-Banten in Bui County by Biya’s military forces as at least 6 civilians have been murdered

Yelum- Banten Nkum LGA : The Governor of the North west region, his agents and military security in Cameroon secretly instituted another “Operation Keep Bui Clean” through a thorough but silent genocide where civilians are either trapped, abducted then later executed and thrown in the bushes. Sometimes once they kill these civilians, they put guns of them or force them to hold guns before the execution to baptize them as “Amba fighters”.

On saturday the 25th of June, Biya’s Military forces invaded Yelum Village where several homes were razed down as well as some Ambazonian Defense forces were neutralized. The went ahead to abducted civilians torturing many while some were whisked away. We later learnt 7 of the abducted civilians were taken to the forest where 6 were feared dead until confirmed yesterday. The most painful part is that of a certain Suleman abducted amongst who had 4 of his family members murdered.

Other members we learnt were neutralized were Abdel, Hamza & Sahnyuy. They were shot and guns placed on them and dumped in the bushes. We spoke to one local who had this to say ” Yes it is now confirmed that Sule and three chidren of his late elder brother have been brutally murdered. It was a shock yesterday as Mr. Sule was laid to rest with three children of his brother and one of his wives collapsed and now at the health centre. Total number of lives lost is at 5 at the moment while the search continues”.

They went further to state that the Imam of the Banten mosque was terribly beaten and at the verge of being shot until a little child shouted before he was let go now attending to medical care. Talking to another local, he confirmed that Sule’s wife said to have been killed has been released . “Info reaching me today says that the missing wife of Sule and child Shaidu have also been found”.

The genocide going on in Bui targeting only civilians has been unnoticed likewise the war in Ambazonia is under reported. Just Last week a similar massacre took place in Takui a village after Kitiwum, in which 4 civilians were murdered and as days passed by more were being discovered in the bushes at the stage of decomposition.

The use of force to resolve the crisis in Southern Cameroons Ambazonia is what has led to thousand of lives lost and yet the international community seems to be enjoying these killings. We reached out to the people on the ground in Bui and their resolve is that any citizen should run away each time there is a glimpse of the military as they are bad news. They have brought untold pain to the population so much so that all are encourage to pick up any weapon to defend themselves else they would be wiped out all from the face of the earth.


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