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Crisis in the CAR: Cameroon reinforce existing peace keeping mission

Some 175 officials from the 11th Motorized Intervention Brigade in Ebolowa have left the South Regional capital of Ebolowa for Yaounde to begin formalities leading to their peacekeeping mission in the Republic of Central Africa.

Bernard Bayiha, nouveau Directeur Général du Chantier Naval

Comme son adjoint Roland Maxime Aka’a Ndi, le nouveau patron du CNIC a été nommé ce mercredi au cours d’une session extraordinaire du conseil d’administration
Le Rdpc enseigne la responsabilité à ces parlementaires

Quatre exposés ont ponctué le séminaire organisé par la direction du parti à l’intention des députés et sénateurs
Cameroon observes world kidney days with messages to take home about Kidney ages…Sreening exercises have been organised around the country.
Land Tenue Officials meet in Yaounde as the Minister asks them to work for the common good.
Another Cameroonian in Athletics won the fourth Lap from Buea to Douala he took a little over two hours to do the 89 km.
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Summary by Shey Tatah Reporting from the palace