Whatever else, never relegate prayers!

Whatever else, never relegate prayers!
Prof. Fanso G Verkijika

In spite of the enormous hardship and pain government action has caused and continues to cause millions of the English-speaking people of the North West and South West, it appears, from indications, that more stringent measures are on the way, some of them suggested by people indigenous to the two regions. It is difficult to believe that the suspension of the internet was suggested by sons of the soil; it is difficult to believe the stringent measures rumoured are being proposed by indigenes, if the press tabloid, Entrepreneur Magazine, I just read, is to be trusted. How strange!
What more can a people do when they have sacrificed their all, for so long, but are not yet seeing light at the end of the tunnel?
In circumstances such as these, a people must try to stay resolute, without despair, not forgetting at any moment that ‘they labour in vane who labour without God’. Never tire, at any time, to stay on knees, in prayer, in touch with the Almighty.
Who could imagine that the courts and institutions of learning, at all levels of educational spectrum, would be shut for so long without a bother from the top? What surprises me is the resolve of the people in the two regions. As we continue to wait for God’s response to our supplications, we must not be tempted to wonder if we are wishing or really praying properly, if He, God, is listening or is deaf; or if His ear are facing another direction away from us in prayer. While we continue to do only that which is right like avoiding violence at all cost, only using godly endeavours to succeed, we must continue to pray in English, in Pidgin and all the vernaculars so that God can hears us from everywhere. This we must do because: if God is all Ears, all Eyes and all Love, He will not fail to Hear, See and Come to lift or take us in Love and Sympathy to the end of the tunnel.

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