Where is Hon. Wirba as Parliament and Senate meet Monday

The Ordinary sessions of the Senate and the Parliament has been slated for Monday the 13th starting 5 pm and 11am respectively. All eyes are opened wide to unveil the mystery of the whereabout of Hon. Wirba Joseph of Bui who defiled all odds to open the eyes of all Cameroonians. He is now referred to as the Cameroon Martin Luther King.

Speculations are high as many think that top on the agenda shall be the Anglophone crisis.

Geraldine Ivaha has alreadt spilt the milk on CIN with the million dollar question “Should Cavaye Yéguié Djibril or Marcel Niat Njifenji be sacrificed to please anglophones?

This in simple terms means that one of them will have to relinquish his position for an Anglophone with an attempt to calm the tension in the English regions.

She even went ahead to mention names, stating that Peter Mafany Musong might have an edge over Simon Achidi Achu due to age. Musonge has been recently criticized by most anglophones on his stance against their North West brothers and sisters and his appointment as President of the senate might been as compensation for spearheading division amongst Anglophones, a divide and rule system that the Biya regime seems to exploit a lot.

Other options could be reintroduction of position of the vice president in case touching Cavaye and Niat might seem problematic. The President might decide to reshuffle the cabinet after the sessions to grant anglophones remarkable positions like Territorial Administration, Finance etc. Will an appointment of an Anglophone to a high position a solution to the hard solved problem?

With the intentions of the government to revoke the immunity of Wirba Joseph to jail him, all eyes are fixed towards the Glass House to see if Hon. Wirba participates in this session, and if he shall be given a role to play and the reactions of the parliament towards him.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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