Cameroon stages a “Callywood” movie at the dialogue with 9 more supposedly ex Amba boys.

In a press release by The selected spokesman of the Cameroon Major National Dialogue; Dr. George Ewane presented yet another set of 9 men claiming to be Ambazonian fighters who have dropped their arms to be rehabilitated:

The Majority came from Nkambe where we know nothing serious takes place there while Boyo followed: One with a francophone accent could barely pronounce his alias name and since this could be spotted out easily, Dr. Ewane quickly gave the floor to the one they already prepared; This is not the first time such a movie is being yet the real Ambazonia fighters are busy celebrating their Independence Day and week and unable to recognize any of the men presented as one of theirs:

The question is, why is La Rep trying so hard to convince the world and its people when things are very clear that even the more than 4 hours delay to present the fake results are signs that this monologue has been a failure and a huge one as such.

For one committee where the people could voice the form of state (Decentralization) to hijack and the event and unable to come out with their resolution simply because members have refused to accept decentralization which is what the state had prepared is another proof that the so called dialogue/monologue is a fiasco:

Scandy Media was reliably informed that more than 70% said the least they could go to maybe calm some few anglophones and also give some sleeping nights to some participants was Federation which the state has never wanted nor mentioned about.

Whatever the outcome in the manipulations the blunder has been made and known and Southern Cameroonians have shown with their lack of concern that this has nothing to do with them: They came out in their millions to demonstrate on their Independence Day last Tuesday and it is very certain that most participants from the Anglophone regions might end up as IDPs in Yaoundé :

What Yaoundé has to offer is either Decentralization scraping the position of the Government Delegate and empowering the Mayors or nothing else . They are afraid to lose the exploitation of resources in the southern Cameroons.

As such they have prepared a special squad that will be out again to kill as many as thousands more in southern Cameroons only to impose their rule:

This has been planned before the dialogue that in case Ambazonians reject the outcome they shall make sure the remaining villages are all burnt down and both male and female youth between 12 and 50 completely eliminated :

In the days ahead after the dialogue , the war will intensify and the whole Ambazonia hotter then before with more atrocities caused.

Scandy Media analyst

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