Tassang Wilfred on Dr. Ayaba & Kanu alliance

Nnamdi Kanu-Ayaba Cho Loud Mouth Ça Gâte Ça Gâte Diplomacy?
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There are some level of activists and leaders whose errors can be classified as such, tolerated and forgiven them with time. Such people are considered as “ignorambooses” by large mouth grammarians. It shall not be so when professionals and experts fart in their domains.

At the time (2017) when the leader of The TIGERS armed group, Comrade Nchia Martin was struggling to build notoriety on Ground Zero and credibility with the political leadership of the revolution, he often reached out to us and discretely announced some actions his boys were going to carry out on the territory on specific days and venues so that we could trust him and give him the necessary finances. After a series of successes, he made an error; he confided in the National Telegraph’s Eric Tataw, a journalist by training and profession. On the very day the TIGERS were expected to delete the Colonial SDO of Manyu, Um II Joseph, the National Telegraph blew it up by publishing what was given him in confidence just so his paper could testify that the TIGERS carried out the action. As a trained and professional journalist, Eric Tataw knew exactly what his publication of that information would do, yet he went ahead and did it. Um II Joseph cancelled the scheduled event and has survived to date. That announcement-denunciation and betrayal cannot be forgiven because coming from a professional. I was so furious that morning when I saw Eric’s post on Facebook that I called up Comrade Martin to berate him for such an error. I also told Bro. John Mbah Akuroh who was in touch with Eric Tataw to warn him. John said I should talk to him after all, he was my son, but that single incident registered Eric Tataw in my spirit as a contender and not a militant journalist. I have not been proven wrong.

Some announcements are denunciations. That was what Eric Tataw did in 2017, that also is what the Ayabo Cho-Nnamdi Kanu Facebook proclamation is doing; denouncing themselves and Ambazonia. The one message the Nigerian authorities are receiving from this alliance is this; if they allow the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia to restore their independence, then their territory will serve as a corridor for the IPOB to ship in arms. This message is so unmistakable that even a baby revolutionary will not miss it. While Ambazonia cannot denounce IPOB quest for self-determination, the Struggle must know that Nigeria is the one country we cannot afford to antagonise, not now, not tomorrow.

Another example of loud mouth denunciation diplomacy happened in 2001. I have it on good authority that Justice Ebong, the exiled Southern Cameroons leader in Nigeria had allegedly entered a deal with some “Nigerian authorities” towards the liberation of homeland. Justice Ebong’s secretary, Wesley Tiku, is said to have confided in Akwanga Ebenezer. And what did Akwanga do? He proclaimed it on roof tops. The outcome was that the Nigerian government gave Justice Ebong and his team a 48hrs Quit Notice. It was only thanks to the UN that an extension was accorded while the US government processed their files. Like I said, I have it on good authority. Announcement was denunciation then, but we will forgive Akwanga this error for he was yet green. Shall Dr Akwanga be forgiven this same error if he did it today? Not at all. Such an error will rather be registered as a treacherous crime today on account of his “learning” and “experience”.

That was not all; in 2017, and while we were lobbying the Nigerian government and other diplomatic missions in Nigeria, Akwanga let out another bomb shell. He sent out an audio in which he claimed he had signed an agreement with the Bayalsa Boys to support our struggle. The Nigerian authorities were so concerned that I was summoned to the Commission for questioning. Of course, I did not know what Akwanga was talking about, but I was asked; “What kind of leaders do you have?” There was no truth in the Akwanga Bayalsa declaration as we have lived to see. So why did he do it? To project self? We have not seen it all yet, have we?

In one of my recent notes, I classified Ayaba Cho Lucas as the most informed Southern Cameroonian leader. I am not about to repent from that. I also wanted us to determine whether having the knowledge of what should be done automatically confers one with the ability to do it? The recent loud sounding proclamation from Bro. Ayaba and Maazi Kanu says it all; knowledge is not ability. If Dr Ayaba Cho Lucas had in this, made public what someone else was going to do, I would have classified it as treachery. Can that still be said of the present action though?

Dr Ayaba Cho, master in warfare, should know that utmost discretion is required in such matters. The betrayal of military positions and the movement of troops is a treasonable crime. This press conference falls in that category. In going all out to make public what the code requires to be kept under the carpet, Ayaba and Maazi Kanu have denounced themselves. Why? Are they trying to frighten somebody? Who? Is that individual frightened? What will be the outcome of that fright?

Dr Ayaba Cho, diplomacy guru, should also know that strategic alliances in times of war like ours must be kept secret otherwise their potency is neutralised. If the IPOB were already a sovereign state, one would understand, but they are not. They are not even actively engaged like Ambazonia. Dr Ayaba Cho does know this. Why is he going against the creed? Who is this show of unwanted bravado expected to benefit? Certainly, not the struggle and Ayaba’s movement, but the enemy LRC junta. Why is he doing this?

I don’t want to bother myself about the fact that there is actually nothing on the ground that IPOB can offer AGovC and Ambazonia. I am rather concerned about the political and diplomatic backlash this incident can cause the Ambazonian quest. Is Ayaba Cho deliberately muddying the waters? If so, then he and his group are now reduced to “Ça Gâte Ça Gâte Diplomacy.” I find this difficult to believe, coming from the same Ayaba Cho who schooled me on the connection between military strategy and diplomacy in Nigeria. This is so unfathomable that I must record it in the register of treacherous activities. I don’t want to believe that Bro. Ayaba is giving up on the struggle, but posterity will judge.

Nobody should fret though. Our Struggle is still God ordained, and I have not given up on Comrade Ayaba Cho Lucas. There is something this gentleman has to offer Ambazonia. When he will place his finger on it, it shall be a game changer. For now, that thing is not Nnamdi Kanu and the IPOB, neither is it Facebook bravado of any sort. Much more, it cannot be Nnamdi Kanu and the IPOB because they have laid claim to the Southern Cameroons as part of their inheritance. Is Ayaba oblivious to this claim?

Definitely, knowledge is not proof of a calling, neither does it confer ability.

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