First African Diaspora Development Forum DDF

The first Diaspora Development Forum DDF that held in Scandic and Radisson Blu Hotels respectively was met with a lot of Success, thanks to The team from the DRC, ACCS and ADDR that the event left landmarks on the minds of participants from All over the Nordic countries.

This event was organised by the Africa Europe Development Platform (AEDP) in partnership with the Danish African Chamber of Commerce (ACCS), the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and Africa Denmark Diaspora Rally (ADDR).


AEDP is a network of African diaspora organisations based in 28 EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland that are involved in development activities in Africa. It works to serve as a point of contact and of reference for diaspora organisations, migration and development policy-makers, development agencies and (I)NGOs.

AEDP is funded by the EC and the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, and CIM, and is delivered by the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD-UK, London) with the support of the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD, Vienna/Brussels).

Meeting at the Scandic Hotel from the Eve of 23rd to the 25th of November, delegates from all over the Nordic countries converged into the Conference Hall for a two day Training on Advocacy & Policy & Fundraising facilitated by Djibrill Faal and Filip Andersen Respectively.

At the end of the two days training, delegates were expected to benefit amongst others the following:

  • A Specially-designed training for ADDOs in policy advocacy and fundraising by leading regional and international experts
  • Sharing of information and good practice in relation to mobility, migration, and diaspora development
  • Better understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing ADDOs and mainstream development agencies and (I)NGOs in relation to African development
  • Opportunity to network with ADDOs and development agencies based in the Nordic region.

The Third day was reserved for Dialogue and Workshops was declared opened likewise the first by Paul Asquith; Engagement & Policy Manager for the Africa-Europe Development Platform. Closely forward were two Speeches from Mingo Heiduk of the Danish Refugee council and Cinthia Thomsen of the African Chambers of Commerce.


This gave room for the Opening speeches and the Round table led by Djibrill Fall and Jesper Boysen from The Africa Demark Rally & Nordic project adviser.

Two workshops were organized in the morning session one based Opportunities, potentialities and Challenges aimed at enhancing the role they play in job creation for both Nordic countries and African countries. The first workshop on Diaspora Job creation through social and Commercial Enterprise was moderated by Ndey Jobarteh from Norway, Filip Buff andersen from the Danish Mission as as discussion starter striking it with Edgar Ikombo manging partner of Ikompani.

The second workshop which was on Job creation for peace-building and post-Conflict Reconstruction. This was moderated by Peter Ntende Chairman of ADDR, while Mingo Heiduk from DRC, Maria Molde from Civil society for Development & Jonas Vesager Nøddekære from Danish Church Aid.

The afternoon sessions had two similar workshops based on the Means, mechanisms and frameworks through which government agencies, development agencies business networks and other institutions can support ADDOs in Nordic countries to enhance their role in Job creation in African countries.

The same chair or moderator was on seat while Christopher Ludwigs from Dansk Industri and Nikolaj Gilbert from UNOPs were discussion starters.

While Peter Ntende Chaired the second, DR Lartey Lawsen, From radical venstre party/ADDR member, Maria Molde  from Civil society and Said from the Somalian Diaspora Organisation acted as starters of the discussions.

Each workshop had Rapporteurs that gave short summaries . For Workshop one we had Yves Hatungimana from ICMPD and Agnes Madsen from ACCS.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem (Wo Scandy)

AEDP Local consultant & ADDR Member

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