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Cameroon plays double standards against the corona virus

Yaoundé 17-03-20 Cameroon should stop the war if they truly and honestly want to fight the pandemic in good faith:

Cameroon’s PM announces a shut down without providing solutions to sustain the lives of those whose businesses will be affected: They copy words from the west and paste but ignore that the west provides avenues for survival: The greatest corona in Cameroon will be a crippled economy as many will die after the disaster: Why claim to protect lives when you are killing thousands in Ambazonia? Is it because the cases are found in Yaoundé for now ?

You can’t close restaurants, bars, transportation etc without a package to keep these firms alive at least for the time being; yet you still send soldiers with tax payers money to kill civilians in Ambazonia daily ever since the pandemic started: The soldiers are killing 50 times more than the virus ?

Stop the war and divert the resources to livelihood and you will come out with a win- Win situation : Other African countries can shut down their countries and survive but Cameroon ?? can not because of the war and killing of tax payers and workers :
All the countries Cameroon would expect aid from are affected by the virus and as such they should not think they will manipulate them with Boko Haram to get assistance this time around to kill southern Cameroonians with : Shey Tatah.

Cameroun Military Forces loot a house, burn & arrest nurses at the clinic in Tatum

The Cameroun forces invaded a village in Bui county known as Tatum in the Nkum LGA looting, burning and abducting nurses in a clinic:

Tatum- Nkum LGA & Mbonso- Mbiame LGA all in Bui County have been under La Rep’s Military invasion : Last evening Friday 20-09-19, they looted; and abducted nurses on duty in a clinic in Tatum :

They as well killed at least in Mbonso a village under Mbiame LGA invading the village and we reported more la Rep forces came in from the western and Adamawa regions through Lip:

Shey Tatah for Scandy Media platform

Two tankers with fuel burnt down in Santa- Bamenda

Santa – Bamenda in the Northern Zone of Southern Cameroons; heavy gun battle going on:

Saturday 21-09-19

Serious gun battle now in Santa following the road block this morning as la Rep forces are battling with the restoration forces : Two Tankers with fuel reportedly visited by the consortium of fire ?: we await the updates: Scandy Media

Amba Emmanuel writes an open letter to sell outs of Ambazonia


For those who are selling this struggle to LRC or those who are pulling selfish strings from this struggle, let me remind you all that you are treading on human blood a lot of blood has been spilled already and this blood is crying for vengeance. Woe unto you if ever Amba boys turn their guns against you, I assure you, this whole wide world will be too small a place for you and your families to hide. Why the fuss about Ekema and the Anglophone elite when the enemies of the struggle are right in here?
PAULINUS JUA may not support the Ambazonia movement but he fully understands the Ambazonia problem. Jua told MUSONGE in Bamenda that the Anglophone/Ambazonia problem is not a person but a SPIRIT, and that spirit lives in all Anglophones.
True to his word, we have seen over time how the Anglophone/Ambazonia movement has metamorphosed for the third year running and it is growing worse. If it was about a person, it would have died when ALBERT MUKONG died but it didnt. If it was about a person, it would have ended with GORGI DINKA exile yet it persisted. If it was about a person, when AGBORBALLA, FONTEM NEBA, MANCHO BBC, AYAH PAUL and 100 others were abducted and detained in January 2017 with so many killed, it would have ended.
Then more were killed on September 22nd 2017, even more killings on October 1 2017 with over a thousand more arrests yet the problem persists.
When Sisiku AYUK JULIUS, TASSANG WILFRED, NFOR NGALLA NFOR and others were kidnapped January 5ths 2018, LRC rejoiced and congratulated Biya but here we are today. With thousands more dead to date, the movement persists because its not about a PERSON but a SPIRIT that lives in us all:
The SPIRIT to denounce injustice, fight against oppression, corruption, tyranny, isolation, restoration of social justice, the rule of law and the rejection of a second class status that LRC has imposed on us for 60 years now.
No one has the right to arrogate this struggle to himself because of some lame contribution he/she may have made in the past. The Anglophone problem has cut across several generations over time.
We had the ALBERT MUKONG era, the man who spent close to 10 years in arbitrary detention amid dehumanising conditions and torture under the Ahidjo and Biya regimes. This lone soldier never arrogated the struggle to himself. At that time, there was no internet where Mukong could brandish his actions and achievements for the world to see nor could the world use the internet to clamour for his release as it is now. Mukong never asked for funds to support the revolution. God alone knows how this lone soldier stood his grounds for some 30 years or so, championing the Anglophone cause single handedly.
Then we had GORJI DINKA who founded the Ambazonia movement and struggled for its restoration.
We also had the Anglophone journalists in the likes of BOH HERBERT, CHARLIE NDI CHIA, NTEMFAC OFEGE and many others who championed the cause in their days, some of them losing their jobs in the process while others spent jail time (PRISON GRADUATES). These ace Anglophone journalists played their part then and handed the baton to the next generation. Charlie Ndi Chia or Ntemfac Ofege have never arrogated the struggle to themselves or have they chewed the chords of their past actions, wanting to be president or to monopolize the struggle because they paid a huge price. They have understood that its not about them, they played their role and they have stepped aside for younger generations to bear the mantle.
We had the NYOH WAKAI and AYAH PAUL ABINE era and who both played their part well on the judicial side of things. Its thanks to Ayah Paul that English was included in OHADA/CIMA codes as a working language in 1998, in line with the Bilingual nature of Cameroon.
Then we had the AGBORBALLA, TASSANG WILFRED, FONTEM NEBA, Hon JOSEPH WIRBA and MANCHO BBC generations. They all played their part and stepped aside for a much younger generation to carry on. They never asked for go fund me or for international fund raisers here and there. Like real men they stood alone, bearing the consequences for their actions.
The consortium never asked for funding from anyone. They paid their transport to Bamenda or to Buea or to Yaoundé and did their things like REAL MEN.
And now we have the AMBA generation, the AMBA soldiers most of whom are less than 30 years old, staking their lives for Ambazonia with their blood.
Its so strange that even the people we call intellectuals with the high degrees that were obtained from top universities, prefer to support individuals instead of supporting ideas, they prefer to support persons instead of supporting the struggle.
No matter how hard AYABA CHO LUCAS and his supporters claim to have contributed to the struggle, Ayaba Cho has perpetrated a number of actions here which I consider TREASONABLE FELONIES to Ambazonia;
– Ayaba Cho refusal to submit to IG
– Ayaba Cho Refusal to testify before IG commission on abduction of Sisiku Ayuk Julius and others
– All self defense groups must fall under ADF that is controlled by Ayaba Cho so that he must be the one in control of things here
– Killing of fellow Amba fighters on ground zero by ADF Ayaba Cho – HIGH TREASON
-Neutralizing Amba camps, confiscating weapons of fellow fighters and maiming them under the supervision of Ayaba Cho.
– (In) famous oil deal in London with Ayaba Cho going solo
– Ayaba Cho calling in the BIRs to neutralize an Amba Batibo camp last Wednesday as reported online
No matter how long Ayaba Cho has been in this struggle nor what he has contributed to the struggle, these offences are treasonable to Ambazonia and Ayaba Cho must be held to account for his actions. One cannot take you a step forward and ten steps backwards (typical LRC BAFIA DANCE) and you hail that person.
Ayaba Cho brings in his surrogate TAPANG IVO to spread his propaganda. Back then, Tapang we all know was a staunch Federalist who openly mocked the restorationists in the face.
Tapang was at a certain point accused of mentioning in an interview that his first language is/was French.
Tapang openly mocked Chang shoe boys at the beginning of the struggle and he mapped photos of Chang shoes boys with LRC BIRs wearing chang shoes.
Today Tapang is a restorationist.
Tapang openly claimed to own the RED DRAGONS and he posed online with guns how he always meant everything he said. I expected Tapang to come to battle front like SHEY KAAVI WO MELIN did, unfortunately the gun-stunt to whip up sentiments ended on facebook.
Disgraced and disowned by the Red Dragons, Tapang organized a live show with Ayaba to gain legitimacy in the struggle and to redeem himself. Today Tapang is the spokesman of the ADF under Ayaba Cho. What a big joke!
When the London oil scam is exposed amid AMBA uproar, Tapang tweets that Ayaba Cho ratings have increased by over 23%.
These and more are happening at a time when dozens of Ambazonia males are slaughtered on the field in cold blood on daily basis.
Its here that I ask myself;
Is the struggle about Ayaba Chos ratings or about Ambazonia?
Is the struggle about Ayaba Cho becoming president or about our getting to Buea?
Lets not forget that when LRC sent Delegations to visit Diaspora in 2017, all Delegations received overwhelmingly hostile receptions worldwide except in USA where Tapang was in control.
EL HADJ LAWAN BAKO of UDP, one of Biyas surrogates openly boasted and claimed victory over the success of the US encounter in an interview with the MEDIAN newspaper.
LAWAN BAKO mentioned that he flew to the USA overnight and laid the ground work as he met with Ambazonia US stakeholders prior to the arrival of the NGOLLE NGOLLE Delegation.
How come that meeting was never mentioned online till date?
How come the US never gave the Delegation a hostile reception like it happened everywhere else?
The answers are blowing in the wind.
The US meeting held unperturbed and they had time to relax and even posed for shots at the end around the UN head quarters.
When Ambazonians questioned why the US never gave a hostile reception to CPDM Delegates, some claimed that they were not aware of the departure time and venue to Washington, when vivid posters had been circulated online several days in advance about departure to DC, the assembly point, including the fare for the trip. Money changed hands between the CPDM and US stake holders. We all know who the US stakeholders are/were.
We left CPDM Banana Republic for Ambazonia. But Ambazonia is more corrupt and more devilish than CPDM. The same buffoonery going on within CPDM Banana Republic is worse in Ambazonia.
In Banana Republic its either Biya or no other. In Ambazonia it’s either Ayaba Cho, Akwanga Ebenezer, Boh Herbert or no other.
Bribery and corruption, mismanagement of funds, misplaced priorities, the lies, unending deception, manipulation, imposture and surrogacy soar to the high heavens in both LRC and in Ambazonia with bad blood everywhere.
CPDM hires Tchiroma-lised surrogates to defend the undefendable on media, and its not different with Ambazonia. Pictures of Ayaba braiding wifes hair and taking his family for a pool picnic are circulated online by surrogates to manipulate opinion and these instantly make him the Ambazonia leader by default.
Just like we saw pictures of Biya riding a bicycle for TV to show that he is young and fit, even though he is in his 70s and he can sit in the cock pit of a sophisticated Chinese jet to show that he is in control when he has lost control of everything, even within his household with an emotionally unbalanced, deranged and drugged-up daughter who is ready to stab her mum at any time.
Ambazonia has now become an emotional thing and people are using emotion to whip up sentiments and pull strings to their side. I was shocked to see these photos on the walls of the shrewdest of people online and some addressed Ayaba as H.E. and I ask myself;
H.E. of which office?
When was Ayaba voted into office and by whom?
We saw all spectacular propaganda images and videos about RPGs. I even wrote about RPGs and how the game was going to change from then on.
LRC went on panic mode with their devilish advocate DIDIER BADJECK affirming the danger of RPGs on foreign media, about their ability to hit long distance targets on land, air, sea with maximum damage inflicted on the enemy. This was when LRC stepped up its game with armored personnel carriers, tanks and even newer armored cars. Amba boys have been having very difficult times ever since the armored cars entered the game. Why did we even have to post images of RPGs even if we had them? Is it a propaganda war or its destined to boost the egos of some person(s)?
I ask Ayaba Cho and his surrogates to quote me a single instance where an RPG has been used. LRC is using bombs in our towns and villages, where are the RPGs?
Helicopters and drones still navigate Amba air space with impunity and unapologetic arrogance ever since the RPGs were brandished in early June 2018, 4 months now, with outings as recent as yesterday in Limbe at 3:30pm during the mile 4 attacks, where a helicopter was used to detect Amba targets at mile 4 before a ground invasion by LRC forces.
AKERE MUNA hosted his rally in Limbe yesterday successfully with impunity, how come he wasnt stopped?
Musonge and yang launched campaigns in Buea and Bamenda last weekend, we expected RPGs to be used to intercept their speeding convoys as they paraded the towns, where were the RPGs?
Biyas campaign effigies are posted all over Ambazonia, how many have been destroyed for over a week now? …The Force” of Experience.
If a single RPG had ever been fired, I assure you LRC would not tread here with such arrogance like they own the place. Even the fastest of cars/convoys cannot outrun an RPG and it can attack enemy targets from a safe distance.
Anyone can imagine how many of those military pickups and trucks could have been neutralized from a distance by now and how many lives would have been saved if the RPGs were true but lo! It was just another huge scam.
This treasonable deception has kept pushing our youth to their death as they charge against a sophisticated and well equipped army, staking their lives while people sit out there in luxury hotels in all their comfort with their families, fighting for power and position and ego and sex while others are dying in the bushes.
If there is a defense group that has distinguished itself from day one, without making singing its praises or claiming self righteousness, it’s been the RED DRAGONS. At the start many mistook them for disguised LRC agents but time has proven even the most ardent opponents wrong.
The Red Dragons have distinguished themselves in this struggle so far, even more than my native 7 KATA forces that are breaking new grounds now. Let’s give credit to whom credit is due.
I seem to smell NZ/SZ in this struggle. The most part of AYABA CHO, VERLA FRANKLIN supporters are from the NZ against ERIC TATAW / Prince J CARR and H.E. SAKO from the SZ. lets not be quick to blame LRC for NZ/SZ divide yet fanning same flames in Ambazonia struggle by doing the same thing, then how different are we from LRC?. Anyone who wants to fan NZ/SZ divide should please leave struggle and join LRC politics.
Some even ask who ERIC TATAW is and for how long he’s been in the struggle.
Is it about longevity in struggle or about commitment/contribution to the struggle? Is it about longevity or about the role played/how useful you are to the struggle by individuals? ERIC TATAW game changer in struggle remained consistent all along, true to himself, furnishing struggle with vital sensitive information from his secret strings.
Its not for how long someone has been baptized or for how long he has been in church that will earn him heaven.
A stone/stick can stay immersed for decades but it will never turn into a fish so longevity in the struggle doesnt automatically imply affiliation or legitimacy to the struggle. Everyone has a contribution to make in this struggle.
As the days go by, this struggle is looking more and more like a big joke, a huge scam that hoodwinked us into doom. And since strings are pulled to manipulate our emotional side of things, we simply refuse to see reason even when its looks us straight in the eye, seeming as though we have been bewitched.
I asked in the past how many countries acquired independence through a law suit. Insults I got in return, oh, we are so gifted at insults especially when we lack a force of argument. Since we cant convince others through reason or use reasonable logic to defend our views, we resort to cheap insults.
Where is FOLAY HOAG? No one seems to mention it these days. How come it has become a taboo subject all of a sudden?
Where are the RPGs?
Where is the Amba Internet Network that was going to counter LRC internet cuts?
How far have we gone with My trip to Buea or have we got to Buea already? No one seems to mention it these days.
Im sure the power mongers are cooking up the next scam, the next BIG LIE to hold us in brainwashed and bewitched captivity.
Did someone mention a new satellite TV station? Yes, that should be the next new scam.
Just how relevant is another satellite TV station to the struggle? Oh I forgot, each Ambazonia faction needs its own TV station to broadcast its propaganda against the other group and Im sure with many satellite TVs we will quickly gain independence.
Instead of focusing and harnessing our strengths towards a common goal, infighting, tribalism, egocentrism are championing the day, while ground zero is paying the ultimate price with their blood every day.
While people are dying in the bushes in lack, the IG is spending fabulous sums of money roaming the world. While the people at GZ need just ground nuts for food and menstrual pad for women, the IG sets aside $35,000 for a frolic, lavishing contributions from peoples hard earned sweat.
I do not endorse the IG either but for those who believe like me that Sako and his team are fit for the pulpit than for the government, then we should look up the tenets of the IG. What do the tenets prescribe? If there is a mandate lets wait for the end of it and depose the IG. If there is a provision to dissolve the IG and call for fresh elections lets do it, rather than want to usurp power in undemocratic manner.
I have nothing against Ayaba Cho taking over, but if he has to take over Ambazonia leadership, it must pass through due DEMOCRATIC PROCESS and not through cooption, usurpation or through a kind of coup détat.
Ayaba Cho supporters and IG supporters should clearly convince us with a ROAD MAP to independence. Without which, this struggle is nothing but A LEAP IN THE DARK.
True leadership entails a lot. It entails listening to the other and putting other first. True leadership also entails knowing when to leave the stage when you lose relevance and hand the baton to the next generation. The spirit of resignation is a typical Republican Anglo Saxon spirit, knowing when to step down when you lose legitimacy and relevance, rather than hanging on in unpopularity, when the people hold you in disdain and scorn yet you sit tight and want to die in power.
Struggle intensifies!


What is the Fate of the SDF chairman John Fru Ndi

There is not doubt that SDF maintains as the main leading opposition party in Cameroon with its party leader as the only opposition leader who has stood the test of time as far back as the early 90s. Today, the popularity of this charismatic leaders has experienced a drastic decline. Is he on his way down to ruins?  what could be the causes for the popularity loss of the party chairman.

When one looks at the iamge above, one will agree with this write that, no even, no political leader/event has ever pulled a crowd with one goal as the SDF did in the 90s with its party chair. When they won the elections in 1992 and refused to get to the parliament, many asserted this was the first major blunder of the chairman as they gradually gave the majority and influence to the ruling CPDM.

The chairman continued in his struggle and quest for leadership both as party chair and declaring his candidature for the position of the head of state up till date. His challengers especially in the pary have been either replaced or excommunicated from the vice presidents and group presidents/secretaries. This aspect exhibited by the chair earned him the title of a dictator not different from President Paul Biya.

During the 50th Anniversary of Independence and the celebration with the military in Bamenda when Fru Ndi came face to face with the President, things took a U-turn. Many concluded that the chairman was bought as he constantly visited the Unity palace, discussed with the president and skillfully stood against many demonstrations that planned in the name of peace. The Unity palace surely rewarded him handsomely.

The on going Anglophone crisis has been a big challenge for the SDF chairman, he has been unable to directly state where he belongs. Is he an Anglophone fighting for the Anglophones’ plight or a Cameroonian fighting for social Justice. Is he an opposition leader who wants to take over the command baton from Paul Biya or someone playing a double edge sword role to stand stand victorious on whoever wins. While the Anglophones are asking for a two state federation, he is asking for a four state. Where really does he belong?

The fact that SDF in the midst of the Anglophone crisis went ahead to admit  Sen Jean Tsomelou as the Secretary General of the party brought a lot of discontent amongst many Anglophones who easily tagged the chairman as a traitor. Although he defended that SDF stands for Federalism and not secession. Ewi Elvis on the 14th of January in the “We Love You Bamenda” forum tried as much as possible to explain the position of the chairman and SDF stating that people may often not understand the choices of the party, and that except that we want to conclude that SDF is an All Anglophone party, one should look at the position of Jean Tsomelou in the first place. He adds that Tsomelou as a senator defends the truth more than any in the party and that his role would be a boast to the Marginalization fight. Tsomelou stands as one who always advocate for a walk out when CPDM stands on useless reforms. He defended the demonstrations at the parliament and stood behind the SDF match in Buea. This explanation bought the sympathy of many like princess Nene who added that she was not an SDF member but reiterated that an opposition party could not be an Anglophone party. “The Chairman happens to be an anglophone and it is more advantageous for us to use him for the struggle, he should explain things better to the people, ” Princess Nene added.

It is true the chairman has been unable to state clearly where he belongs. When the struggle started, one could conclude that as an anglophone, he stood for the anglophones. He went to Governor many times and to the cells to get many of those arrested freed. He joined the match in Buea but the new year has brought the chairman under fire.

After the planned NEC meeting to excommunicate Hon. Wirba Joseph for his bravery on the National Assembly, Fru Ndi later lashed on his actions which expressed some acts of “jealousy” for a patriotic MP.  The letter Wirba later exposed which he wrote to his chairman addressing him as a father made many lose confidence in SDF chairman. His refusal to protect his son and went to the media to question him was a big blunder on the part of the chairman.

Today and sad enough, the one who stands to defend the SDF MP Hon. Wirba is paradoxically an MP from the south a CPDM militant Martin Oyono, one who has nothing to do with the Anglophone crisis but stands as an upright MP who wants to see true change in Cameroon. Right now as we write, he is being interviewed on CRTV as questioned why? He states clearly that someone has to do it and that those of them who represent the minds of the people and refuse to vote for the CPDM bad reforms are referred to as Radicals. He has taken the role that should have been played by the SDF chairman and his MPs to state clearly that he “Will Resist Attempts to Lift Immunity of Wirba Joseph”  said Hon. Martin Oyono

The clarion and challenge call by Oyono Martin has pierced a painful hole in the hearts of the SDF MP to obliged them take the opposite side against their chairman Fru Ndi. This solidarity if practiced all through might be the one that can put an end to the close to 30 years rule of Ni John Fru Ndi. The SDF MPs did not only in their 3rd position statement this time addressed to the Speaker of national Assembly, asked the speaker to provide and protect the immunity of Hon. Wirba to permit him return to the country and perform his duties as an MP.

According to a Press Conference held yesterday in Yaoundé Tuesday April 11, 2017, “Hon Jospeh Mbah Ndam, Vice President of SDF Parliamentary group urged House Speaker Cavaye Yege to ensure that Parliamentary Immunity of Hon.Wirba is not tampered with. He also read out that the House Speaker should protect the escapee and make sure that he returns home without being arrested.” CIN

The question is, If Hon. Wirba spoke the minds of the people and is being lashed by the SDF chairman, then on whose mind is the SDF representing now?

“Hon. Mbah Ndam flanked by other MPs including SDF National Vice President, Hon. Joshua Osih, reiterated their support for Wirba saying that he spoke their mind on the fateful day last November when he spoke on Anglophone marginalization.” CIN

With the SDF MPs asking for the return of Hon. Wirba to his position, does it mean that the call by the Anglophones for the SDF MPs to resign has fallen on deaf ears? Are they willing to fight for the people they represent? Is the interest of being an MP more important to that of liberating the people? If Hon. Wirba were to return home today, after asking the MPs to resign and leave the Glass house for the people, who will he return home as? MP? Freedom fighter? West Cameroon president?

With the SDF chairman asking of what use should the SDF hold elections when the anglophones are on strike, is giving the impression that he is either using the struggle to stay in power or is not willing to handover as the SDF chairperson. If the Anglophone crisis is so important to him, then why is he not able to heed to the call by the Anglophones by boycotting the events organized by the Regime in power. The chairman was spotted during the funeral in the West region of Chantal Biya’s mother, an event that was boycotted by the Presidential couple. How can one mourns more than the bereaved?

During the tour with the CAF cup, the same chairman despite all calls for boycott by the Anglophone leaders, Fru Ndi was again spotted at the podium, a repeat of his trip to the unity palace when the Lions were being received by the head of states. These actions and more have pushed many to conclude that Fru Ndi works as a CPDM agent in the anglophone zones. Is it time for him to go?

Only time will tell.