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What is the Fate of the SDF chairman John Fru Ndi

There is not doubt that SDF maintains as the main leading opposition party in Cameroon with its party leader as the only opposition leader who has stood the test of time as far back as the early 90s. Today, the popularity of this charismatic leaders has experienced a drastic decline. Is he on his way down to ruins?  what could be the causes for the popularity loss of the party chairman.

When one looks at the iamge above, one will agree with this write that, no even, no political leader/event has ever pulled a crowd with one goal as the SDF did in the 90s with its party chair. When they won the elections in 1992 and refused to get to the parliament, many asserted this was the first major blunder of the chairman as they gradually gave the majority and influence to the ruling CPDM.

The chairman continued in his struggle and quest for leadership both as party chair and declaring his candidature for the position of the head of state up till date. His challengers especially in the pary have been either replaced or excommunicated from the vice presidents and group presidents/secretaries. This aspect exhibited by the chair earned him the title of a dictator not different from President Paul Biya.

During the 50th Anniversary of Independence and the celebration with the military in Bamenda when Fru Ndi came face to face with the President, things took a U-turn. Many concluded that the chairman was bought as he constantly visited the Unity palace, discussed with the president and skillfully stood against many demonstrations that planned in the name of peace. The Unity palace surely rewarded him handsomely.

The on going Anglophone crisis has been a big challenge for the SDF chairman, he has been unable to directly state where he belongs. Is he an Anglophone fighting for the Anglophones’ plight or a Cameroonian fighting for social Justice. Is he an opposition leader who wants to take over the command baton from Paul Biya or someone playing a double edge sword role to stand stand victorious on whoever wins. While the Anglophones are asking for a two state federation, he is asking for a four state. Where really does he belong?

The fact that SDF in the midst of the Anglophone crisis went ahead to admit  Sen Jean Tsomelou as the Secretary General of the party brought a lot of discontent amongst many Anglophones who easily tagged the chairman as a traitor. Although he defended that SDF stands for Federalism and not secession. Ewi Elvis on the 14th of January in the “We Love You Bamenda” forum tried as much as possible to explain the position of the chairman and SDF stating that people may often not understand the choices of the party, and that except that we want to conclude that SDF is an All Anglophone party, one should look at the position of Jean Tsomelou in the first place. He adds that Tsomelou as a senator defends the truth more than any in the party and that his role would be a boast to the Marginalization fight. Tsomelou stands as one who always advocate for a walk out when CPDM stands on useless reforms. He defended the demonstrations at the parliament and stood behind the SDF match in Buea. This explanation bought the sympathy of many like princess Nene who added that she was not an SDF member but reiterated that an opposition party could not be an Anglophone party. “The Chairman happens to be an anglophone and it is more advantageous for us to use him for the struggle, he should explain things better to the people, ” Princess Nene added.

It is true the chairman has been unable to state clearly where he belongs. When the struggle started, one could conclude that as an anglophone, he stood for the anglophones. He went to Governor many times and to the cells to get many of those arrested freed. He joined the match in Buea but the new year has brought the chairman under fire.

After the planned NEC meeting to excommunicate Hon. Wirba Joseph for his bravery on the National Assembly, Fru Ndi later lashed on his actions which expressed some acts of “jealousy” for a patriotic MP.  The letter Wirba later exposed which he wrote to his chairman addressing him as a father made many lose confidence in SDF chairman. His refusal to protect his son and went to the media to question him was a big blunder on the part of the chairman.

Today and sad enough, the one who stands to defend the SDF MP Hon. Wirba is paradoxically an MP from the south a CPDM militant Martin Oyono, one who has nothing to do with the Anglophone crisis but stands as an upright MP who wants to see true change in Cameroon. Right now as we write, he is being interviewed on CRTV as questioned why? He states clearly that someone has to do it and that those of them who represent the minds of the people and refuse to vote for the CPDM bad reforms are referred to as Radicals. He has taken the role that should have been played by the SDF chairman and his MPs to state clearly that he “Will Resist Attempts to Lift Immunity of Wirba Joseph”  said Hon. Martin Oyono

The clarion and challenge call by Oyono Martin has pierced a painful hole in the hearts of the SDF MP to obliged them take the opposite side against their chairman Fru Ndi. This solidarity if practiced all through might be the one that can put an end to the close to 30 years rule of Ni John Fru Ndi. The SDF MPs did not only in their 3rd position statement this time addressed to the Speaker of national Assembly, asked the speaker to provide and protect the immunity of Hon. Wirba to permit him return to the country and perform his duties as an MP.

According to a Press Conference held yesterday in Yaoundé Tuesday April 11, 2017, “Hon Jospeh Mbah Ndam, Vice President of SDF Parliamentary group urged House Speaker Cavaye Yege to ensure that Parliamentary Immunity of Hon.Wirba is not tampered with. He also read out that the House Speaker should protect the escapee and make sure that he returns home without being arrested.” CIN

The question is, If Hon. Wirba spoke the minds of the people and is being lashed by the SDF chairman, then on whose mind is the SDF representing now?

“Hon. Mbah Ndam flanked by other MPs including SDF National Vice President, Hon. Joshua Osih, reiterated their support for Wirba saying that he spoke their mind on the fateful day last November when he spoke on Anglophone marginalization.” CIN

With the SDF MPs asking for the return of Hon. Wirba to his position, does it mean that the call by the Anglophones for the SDF MPs to resign has fallen on deaf ears? Are they willing to fight for the people they represent? Is the interest of being an MP more important to that of liberating the people? If Hon. Wirba were to return home today, after asking the MPs to resign and leave the Glass house for the people, who will he return home as? MP? Freedom fighter? West Cameroon president?

With the SDF chairman asking of what use should the SDF hold elections when the anglophones are on strike, is giving the impression that he is either using the struggle to stay in power or is not willing to handover as the SDF chairperson. If the Anglophone crisis is so important to him, then why is he not able to heed to the call by the Anglophones by boycotting the events organized by the Regime in power. The chairman was spotted during the funeral in the West region of Chantal Biya’s mother, an event that was boycotted by the Presidential couple. How can one mourns more than the bereaved?

During the tour with the CAF cup, the same chairman despite all calls for boycott by the Anglophone leaders, Fru Ndi was again spotted at the podium, a repeat of his trip to the unity palace when the Lions were being received by the head of states. These actions and more have pushed many to conclude that Fru Ndi works as a CPDM agent in the anglophone zones. Is it time for him to go?

Only time will tell.


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Marcel Niat Njifenji and Cavaye Djibril Reelected

The speculations by The Eden Newspaper and many otherprint media to continue the appeasement of Anglophones by the Biya regime through positions did not yield fruit this time around. The media had tipped Nfon Mukete the eldest in the Senate and Hon. Enow Tanjong for the positions of Senate chair and House Speaker respectively, while maintaining Mr. Philemon Yang as the PM.
Many wonder how Nfon Mukete could conduct senate elections and Senate Marcel Niat Njifenji emerge victorious for the 4th consecutive times. He had 79 votes out of 94. This now questions the future of PM Yang who is battling in Bamenda to make sure the 32nd Anniversary of the CPDM party is given a befitting celebration.
But faced with the political crisis in the country, Niat and Cavaye had to be maintained to balance the share of power as this would have brought agitation from the West Region and Northern regions. With their reelection, president Biya can at least go to sleep tonight having appeased different Regions of the country.
Meanwhile a door was removed and a window fitted in as Senator Tabe Tando Ndiep Nso of the SWR replaced the Former PM Mafany Musonge Peter as vice President of the Senate.
Fon Teche Njei a CPDM Senator from the NWR, happy with the outcome of the elections looked forward to maximum collaboration with the Newly elected Exco.
Senator Etienne Sonkeng of the SDF from the West Region was not interested in the status quo that was maintained but rather wished for more respect and power to be handed to the Parliament and senate to bring changes at the Head of the Republic.
On a similar situation, the parliament had a very tough time with a noisy parliamentary elections which later maintained Cavaye Yeguie Djibril for uncountable number of times. The fuse was in relation to the issue of Immunity as many parliamentarians were no longer safe. There was deadlock as Joshua Osih, Fusi Namukong, Banadzem, Mbah Ndam and other SDF MPS insisted their position. The case of Hon. Wirba Joseph.
Listening to both winners, Niat and Djibril, they both Thanked the head of state for their victories, keeping one in the doubt if these elections are appointed and the population being manipulated or if these leaders are democratically voted.
In a country where the same people are reelected (over and over) until death questions the level of democracy in the country, making one to conclude that Cameroon is actually ruled by Kings and not democrats. A country where the youth have no place and can not contribute to its development.
Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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Appointments: President Biya Blunders again

President Biya appoints some Anglophones to the posts of Secretary General at the Governor’s office and some  Prefects, removing some Francophones from some Anglophone Regions and bringing in some Anglophones. The Francophones brought into the English regions are those with an english background. This goes to confirm the speculations that we reported 2days ago about the use of appointments to satisfy the Anglophones.

These decrees are circulating all the social media with whatsapp groups sharing the audios as well.

From the comments made online, i  understand that this is not what the Anglophone crisis is about and that many say that they are not after positions…But…This goes a long way to show the impact this strike has made so far…Some did not believe when we wrote that the president shall be using appointments to fight the struggle. Many claim that had long passed that stage and are at a level of restoration and not appointments;  But you know what? He just blundered by signing them only in the French Language as usual, another evidence of Marginalization. This is just the beginning. Has this got to do with any of the demands of the Anglophones?

Talking to one guy Mr Kinga Damasius, that shared the papers with me, he said president Biya is very consistent and that is why all his decrees are signed in French. He went further to remind that “these appointments have no relevance…It only shows how the enterprise of President Biya Paul and his family have been divinised.” He added that “He and his company are so gullible that they can’t read the handwriting on the wall; It hurts to be so dull and so insensitive”.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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Press Hour: What Can be done to get schools resume?

The hotted debate on Press hour this sunday started with the women’s day celebration that took place last Wednesday 8th March under the topic, what are they up to? The second part dealt entirely on the Anglophone crisis; The PM’s visit to the North West and resumption of schools. Invited as panelists, we have The Journalist Matute Menyelo, Tehwi Lambiv of CRTV, Hon. Naamukong Fusi MP Bafut and The Chairman of the GCE board Prof Peter Alange Abety.

The moderator Joe K started by saying that the women’s day is gradually taking up like a national holiday which is rather an International Day as the speakers could be heard challenging women to use this day more for education than celebration; that creating awareness on the plight of the women and fight for their rights was more important than parading the streets , drinking and partying till dawn. Prof Abety saw nothing wrong in celebrating citing that a lot of progress has been done. A compromise was arrived at giving the female (girl child) maximum education. some were of the thought that celebrations come with achievements and one could not see what the Cameroon women had achieved for the past 30 years and therefore more could be done to elevate the their plight. This debate took place without a lady taking part and talking on their behalf. Joe did acknowledge his attempts to get some in vain.

The second part of the debate was hitted and more on the Anglophone crisis taking cognissance with the visit of the Prime Minister Yang Philemon in the North West region for a 5 day session in 7 Divisions.

Joe started by stating that it was worrysome talking agin about schools resuming or effectively started agin despite that this had come up as many times as God alone can count yet a stumling block and big wall despite the PM’s visit.

Prof Abety took the floor stating that parents and teachers in the first place never wanted to keep the children at home from schools as he felts lots of concerns had been addressed and the trade union leaders had called off the strike. He went ahead to reiterate that as the GCE Board chair, he would go ahead to Organize the Exams despite the registration has witnessed more than 100,000 participants as compared to last.

His reason as he advanced was that not only students register for the GCE and that civil servants, and other groups of people do register for the exams to improve upon their grades or want to get promotion through those exams and that last year witnessed about 21,000 external candidates and such candidates could go ahead to sue them for not Organizing the Exams.

Hon. Fusi accused the Government for having the solution and yet refusing to provide and bring the crisis down to rest. He said we could not live in a country where people will cry for bread but yet be attacked, beaten, killed and arrested to unknown destinations. He said he could provide for evidences anytime and anyday and that children are living in the fear that they can not even go out to buy bread, how more can they go to school with such insecurity.

Tehwi Lambiv disagreed with the point raised by Prof. Abety to keep the chidlren out of the crisis to study while other issues are looked into. He said Education could not be isolated and that since Education is a basic human right, a secured and condusive atmosphere need to be provided for such and that this is not the case yet. He added that Goverment pushed people to exhaution with the hope that they will get tired and retire to nomalcy and give up. “You do not let people go into a coma before you begin treatment, preventive measures have to be taken.”Lambiv said.

Hon. Fusi when asked on the way forward questioned how many lives have been replaced, he insisted that people should be released, internet released, stop the arrests, withdraw the Military and most importantly that the government should read the documents from the Bishops and clergy and see what can be done. Last but not the least he requested for a 3rd party be it the Canadian Ambassador, British etc into a forum for dialogue and that once these people are brought together, good reflections will take place for principles and deadlines respected.

Lambiv said no teacher with a conscience will come to class when his or her colleague is in jail. Buea students and other university students will need the internet to do their research and students arrested will make others studying uncomfortable.

Matute cooncluded by requesting the father of the Nation President Biya to intervene and bring a solution himself. They stated that if the family has a problem, he can not let the first son to handle it, He can delegate powers of course but when they fail as is the case, he has the sole right to do something. “If the PM can spend 5 days in the North west and we still doubt the solution, then only the Big man can solve it himself”.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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Assistant SDO for Wouri Bans the SDF Demonstration

The SDO for Wouri has responded to the SDF MP for Wouri East rejecting his request for a demonstration and a rally to brief the public on Federalism and National untiy.

In a letter dated 22nd February 2017 signed by Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu, SDF MP for Wouri East informing the authorities of his Division of a peaceful march in the division to sensitize the public on the issue of Federalism and National Unity precisely in Bepanda. This is to take place on the 4th of March 2017.

In Cameroon, most responses to events are never received within a short period of time, but considering the sensitivity of the the Theme, the Assistant SDO for Wouri responded in less than 48 hrs with a No reply, banning the said Rally/Manifestation.

The million dollar question is; since Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu was merely informing the authorities citing the law that gives them the right to do so, shall the no nonsense MP of SDF go ahead to hold is rally despite the Ban or bow to the ban? Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu is known for his love for the people and out-spoken nature especially in 2012 when he attacked the president of the country on his immunity. He is also referred to as “A man of the people for revolution”

pic credit Amabo's blog

pic credit Amabo’s blog

some schools of thought hold that, the reason of banning the above mentioned strike is due to the Anglophone struggle that might get the Francophone involved and this might make things worse for the Government as the involvement of other regions will directly lead to National crisis.

Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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